All-Flash Solutions Catering to Every Storage Requirement

Pure Storage’s portfolio spans from highly performant to high-capacity, cost-effective products that always stay modern

Pure Storage, the innovative IT company known for its advanced data storage solutions, achieved a significant milestone at Pure//Accelerate® 2023 in Las Vegas, USA. The company proudly announced that it is now the first technology provider capable of fulfilling all-flash storage requirements for customers. This achievement is attributed to Pure Storage’s distinctive strengths in native flash management, the Purity architecture, the Evergreen® subscription model, and its cloud operating approach.

According to Charles Giancarlo, Chairman and CEO of Pure Storage, the company now offers the most reliable and modern portfolio in the industry, capable of meeting the storage needs of all types of enterprises. As the era of artificial intelligence (AI) unfolds, Pure’s product portfolio’s superior economics, operational efficiency, and environmental advantages over both hard disk and SSD-based all-flash alternatives become increasingly crucial for customers.

Pure Storage has demonstrated its ability to:

  1. Enhance reliability by a factor of ten compared to competitors.
  2. Provide two to five times more power and space efficiency than all-flash solutions and ten times more efficiency than traditional disk storage.
  3. Reduce manual labor requirements by five to ten times compared to legacy storage systems.
  4. Result in at least a 50% lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to competing flash and hard disk offerings.
  5. Help customers eliminate the complexities associated with hard disks from their environments.

Pure Storage’s success in meeting diverse storage needs is attributable to several unique and sustainable differentiators:

  1. Pure Storage DirectFlash® technology, which optimizes software for raw flash, unlike competitors who rely on costlier, less efficient, and shorter-lived SSDs.
  2. A highly consolidated product line with a common operating system (Purity), a unified management system (Pure1®), and scalable platforms, eliminating the need for multiple software and hardware platforms used by competitors.
  3. The Evergreen® model and services, ensuring deployed products remain relevant, adaptable to changing needs, and upgradeable without disruption.
  4. The Cloud Operating Model, which allows customers to manage storage in a highly automated, orchestrated manner similar to how cloud customers operate their services.

Key announcements made at Pure//Accelerate include:

  1. The expansion of the Pure//E™ family with the all-new FlashArray//E™, aimed at replacing traditional disk storage. The entire Pure//E family is the first all-flash storage system capable of addressing the secondary storage market’s needs at prices competitive with 7200 RPM hard disk systems, while offering significant power, space, and operational cost savings.
  2. The introduction of the next-generation FlashArray//X™ and FlashArray//C™, providing customers with improved performance, efficiency, and security features. These new models deliver up to 40% higher performance, 30% more inline compression for better storage capacity utilization, and enhanced ransomware protection through non-disruptive upgrades.
  3. The introduction of a ransomware Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee for Evergreen//One™, along with enhanced AIOps capabilities to bolster data resilience and empower organizations with comprehensive data protection strategies.

As a storage partner, Pure Storage is increasingly recognized as the preferred choice for AI projects. The company supports cutting-edge initiatives such as autonomous vehicle development and the Meta AI’s Research Super Cluster (AI RSC), the world’s largest AI supercomputer. Pure Storage enables customers to embark on their AI journey at any scale and expand as their requirements evolve.

Pure Storage’s anticipation of the growing demand for AI led to the introduction of FlashBlade® and the AIRI® (AI-Ready Infrastructure) solution, developed in collaboration with NVIDIA. AIRI//S™, a ready-to-deploy NVIDIA DGX BasePOD reference architecture for AI, incorporates the latest FlashBlade//S™ storage. Pure Storage.

In conclusion, Pure Storage has made a groundbreaking achievement by becoming the first technology provider capable of meeting all-flash storage needs for customers. With its strengths in native flash management, the Purity architecture, the Evergreen® subscription model, and its cloud operating approach, Pure Storage offers the most reliable and modern portfolio in the industry. The company’s products demonstrate superior economics, operational efficiency, and environmental advantages, making them increasingly essential in the era of artificial intelligence. With unique features such as Pure Storage DirectFlash® technology, a consolidated product line, the Evergreen® model, and the Cloud Operating Model, Pure Storage sets itself apart from competitors. The recent announcements at Pure//Accelerate further solidify the company’s position, delivering innovative solutions like the FlashArray//E™, FlashArray//X™, and FlashArray//C™, along with enhanced ransomware protection and AIOps capabilities. As the preferred storage partner for AI projects, Pure Storage continues to support cutting-edge initiatives and enables customers to embark on their AI journey with scalable solutions. The company’s collaboration with NVIDIA on the FlashBlade® and AIRI® solutions demonstrates its commitment to meet the growing demand for AI storage requirements. Pure Storage remains at the forefront of the industry, providing advanced data storage solutions that empower organizations in their digital transformation and AI-driven endeavors.