Significant Advancements in Generative AI Enterprise Applications, Safety, and Tooling.

New Generative AI Use Case Collection, Responsibility Framework, and Platform Capabilities Build on Enterprise AI Leadership to Accelerate Real Applications With Real Safety 

Dataiku, the platform known for Everyday AI, has made significant advancements in Generative AI enterprise applications, safety, and tooling. These breakthroughs go beyond traditional chatbot functions, expanding the possibilities for meaningful and practical enterprise applications. This announcement from Dataiku is particularly crucial because, according to Gartner®, 70% of organizations are currently exploring Generative AI, and 90% of enterprise executives express concerns, as reported by KPMG.

Florian Douetteau, the co-founder and CEO of Dataiku, shared, “We have witnessed numerous customers exploring ways to leverage Generative AI more effectively. Many have begun compiling lists of potential use cases and evaluating them based on feasibility, business impact, and risks. We have identified the top use cases that are actionable and repeatable on our platform today. The companies that succeed in this endeavor will outpace their competitors in the near future. This moment will determine the winners, and Dataiku is thrilled to be part of it.”

Enabling Real Applications at Scale with the Generative AI Use Case Collection

Dataiku has introduced the Generative AI Use Case Collection, a significant advancement in applying Generative AI within enterprises. By identifying common design patterns for Generative AI application, Dataiku has developed an initial set of 16 Generative AI Use Cases that address real business needs. This approach enables enterprises to move away from building custom Generative AI projects on a small scale and transition to industrial-scale development and deployment of these use cases. The goal is to shift from the research lab to the corporate office.

Examples from the Generative AI Use Case Collection include:

  1. Predictive Maintenance Data Explorer: This application generates automated insights into factory machine performance while preserving privacy.
  2. LLM-Enhanced Next Best Offer: It automates the creation of promotional emails, including highly accurate product recommendations, while adhering to legal requirements.
  3. IT Support Advisor: This application utilizes always-accurate assistants to query complex policy documents and contracts, speeding up the work of support agents.

Preparing Enterprises for Future AI Regulations with the RAFT Framework

With the emergence of various policy proposals aiming to safeguard workers and consumers from potential AI-related harms, such as the U.S. Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights and the EU AI Act, Dataiku has introduced the RAFT Framework for Generative AI use cases. Drawing on their extensive experience in Responsible AI work with compliance, risk, and ethics teams at major companies worldwide, this framework offers actionable steps for enterprises to prepare for future regulations. Taking into account practical considerations and insights from experts in public policy, digital ethics, and AI bias, the framework strikes a balance between rapid AI adoption and ensuring safety and responsibility.

Transforming Prompt Engineering into an Enterprise Activity

Clément Stenac, co-founder and CTO of Dataiku, explained, “Generative AI’s potential goes beyond the limited vision often portrayed. A single chatbot cannot truly revolutionize an enterprise’s performance. Real applications will integrate Generative AI seamlessly into a company’s data and machine learning workflows.”

Building upon the latest product update, Dataiku 12, Dataiku has introduced capabilities that bring this vision to life. Prompt Studio allows a broader range of individuals to become proficient prompt engineers, creating reusable, enterprise-grade prompts that can be integrated into production data workflows. Prompt Studio is currently available in limited preview.

Enabling More Engaging, Data-Driven Jobs with Generative AI

Traditionally, business professionals have had to translate their business ideas into the language of tables and columns when working with data. However, with Generative AI, Dataiku can automate this translation, allowing a wider user base to interact with data naturally.

Dataiku’s AI Prepare empowers users with diverse skill sets to build data transformations that are production-ready, simply by expressing their desired actions in plain language. This bridges the gap between understanding what needs to be done and executing it in enterprise databases and cloud environments. AI Prepare is currently available in limited preview.

Resources and Availability

The Generative AI Use Case Collection and RAFT Framework are available now, accessible at

The limited preview of Prompt Studio and AI Prepare is currently underway. In the following months, Dataiku plans to release additional platform capabilities with more integrated features that will serve as essential tools in the Generative AI revolution.