Hewlett Packard Enterprise Expands Partnership with Equinix to Extend HPE GreenLake Private Cloud Portfolio

Customers gain rapid access to a broad range of private cloud offerings, enhancing hybrid cloud strategy with speed, agility, and choice.

In a major development today, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has announced an expanded partnership with Equinix, a leading digital infrastructure provider. The collaboration aims to extend the HPE GreenLake private cloud portfolio at Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers, offering customers enhanced access to a wide range of private cloud offerings to accelerate their hybrid cloud adoption.

By pre-provisioning HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise and HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition at strategic Equinix data centers worldwide, Hewlett Packard Enterprise aims to empower customers with greater speed, agility, flexibility, and choice in their hybrid cloud strategy.

Vishal Lall, Senior Vice President and General Manager of HPE GreenLake cloud services solutions, emphasized the significance of this partnership, stating, “Enabling HPE GreenLake at Equinix’s state-of-the-art IBX data centers across strategic global locations is the next evolution in accelerating customer hybrid cloud adoption. This partnership brings the best of the cloud experience like scalability and rapid provisioning, plus optimized performance, open choice, and low and predictable total cost of ownership—closer to our customers’ centers of data and empowers them to speed transformation while optimizing costs.”

With this announcement, customers can now access the expanding HPE GreenLake private cloud portfolio at Equinix data centers, providing them with increased choice and flexibility to leverage modern private cloud capabilities for a broad range of workloads, applications, and use cases. Hewlett Packard Enterprise will pre-provision the private cloud portfolio at Equinix data centers, enabling customers to rapidly deploy private clouds.

Jon Lin, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Data Center Services at Equinix, highlighted the importance of trusted third-party management while maintaining control and security, stating, “Customers want options to create hybrid, multi-cloud architectures managed by trusted third parties while maintaining control of their IT and keeping data secure, compliant, and available. Customers also want sustainable solutions, and we are proud of our long-standing commitment with HPE to create sustainable outcomes for our customers and the environment. Together, we are helping customers quickly scale with a modern, private cloud solution via a distributed, interconnected digital infrastructure.”

The HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise, announced in June 2022, is API-enabled and offers an automated, flexible, scalable, and enterprise-grade private cloud experience. It supports the deployment of bare metal, virtual machines, and container workloads in a self-service mode, with simple rate-card pricing based on a pay-as-you-go consumption model. The solution has gained momentum in the market, securing new customer wins across various industries such as automotive, financial services, manufacturing, and retail.

Sune Baastrup, CIO of Danfoss, a leader in global sustainability advancements, expressed their success with HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise, stating, “As a leader in driving global advancements in sustainability, Danfoss works to continually improve its products while optimizing costs in a hypercompetitive world. We needed to modernize our traditional IT to an agile cloud model that aligns the right workload on the right platform at the right time, and with HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise at Equinix, we are now able to harmonize our private and public cloud footprints, deliver agile enterprise-wide IT, and reduce cloud sprawl.”

In addition to the HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise, HPE has also expanded its private cloud portfolio with the introduction of HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition. This new offering enables customers to provision virtual machines (VMs) across hybrid clouds on demand and self-manage their private cloud infrastructure with AIOps-driven simplicity. The solution offers an intuitive cloud operational experience for management and seamless integration for data protection, allowing customers to store, manage, and protect data across on-premises, edge, and public cloud environments, ensuring industry-leading data availability and efficiency. Customers can choose between up-front or pay-as-you-go payment options, providing them with ultimate flexibility.

Starting from August, both HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise and HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition will be pre-provisioned and available at Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers serving several metro areas, including Frankfurt, London, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, and Washington, D.C. Hewlett Packard Enterprise plans to expand this availability to more locations and add additional HPE GreenLake cloud services in the future, aiming to cover a broad spectrum of customers’ private cloud needs.

David Tapper, Program VP at IDC, highlighted the growing trend of distributing private cloud infrastructure at the edge to enhance enterprise network capabilities, and he praised the deepened partnership between HPE and Equinix, stating, “By deepening their partnership, HPE and Equinix can assist customers in their hybrid cloud strategy by providing managed cloud services that provision standardized private clouds and simplify integration with public cloud providers, add capacity on an as-needed basis, and enable shorter time commitments. Together, this should help organizations achieve critical objectives such as improved productivity, lower costs, and enhanced ROI.”

The expanded partnership between Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Equinix is set to revolutionize the private cloud landscape, offering customers unparalleled access to advanced cloud solutions with seamless integration and exceptional flexibility. The combination of HPE GreenLake’s powerful private cloud offerings and Equinix’s robust digital infrastructure promises to propel organizations towards accelerated digital transformation while optimizing costs and achieving sustainable outcomes.