The International Standard of Security of Data and Information

Mauve Group is proud to announce that it has received ISO 27001 certification, which represents the international standard for the security of data and information held by businesses, awarded by the British Assessment Bureau.

Mauve Group, a prominent company offering global HR, employment, and business consultancy solutions, has received certification for ISO 27001.

The British Assessment Bureau awarded this certification, which serves as an international standard for managing risks associated with information and data security within organizations.

This achievement showcases Mauve’s strong dedication to ensuring the highest levels of security for its clients.

To obtain ISO 27001 certification, Mauve underwent thorough assessments of its information security infrastructure. These assessments confirmed that Mauve implements various procedures, including security information management, robust client confidentiality policies, risk management strategies, and data encryption throughout the entire organization.

By complying with relevant legal requirements, such as GDPR, companies awarded ISO 27001 certification can enhance their data security measures, safeguard valuable information assets, and minimize data threats.

Jonathan Ellis, Mauve Group’s System Operations Manager, expressed his delight at the company receiving ISO 27001 certification. He emphasized that this accreditation highlights Mauve’s commitment to upholding international standards for data and information security. It reflects the company’s unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest levels of compliance and proactively mitigating risks to protect clients’ information and data.

Being recognized globally for operating at the highest standard in information management security reaffirms Mauve’s position as a trusted leader in the global industry.

ISO 27001 certification further strengthens Mauve’s outstanding reputation for compliance and security, providing the company with increased visibility to support its expanding client base on a global scale.