ThroughPut Inc. Introduces AI-powered Customer Segmentation For Enhanced Supply Chain Profitability

AI-driven Supply Chain Customer Segmentation Capabilities to Enable Businesses to Effectively Maximize Revenue, Prioritize Order Fulfillment, Improve Customer Satisfaction and Enhance Share of Wallet

ThroughPut Inc., the pioneer of Industrial AI Supply Chain, has introduced powerful customer segmentation capabilities to enhance its customers’ ability to plan, manage, and fulfill demand more effectively.

Traditionally, businesses have segmented customers based on a single variable, such as volume or sales, and on an annual basis. This limited approach results in a lack of current and in-depth understanding of customers, leading to missed sales opportunities and market share. ThroughPut’s Customer Segmentation capabilities enable companies to systematically analyze individual customer contributions to overall revenue. Through an AI-powered analysis of various factors defined by the business during setup, businesses can identify the highest and lowest performing customers, achieving a multidimensional customer segmentation.

ThroughPut empowers businesses to adopt a real-time, holistic, and relevant strategy in analyzing customer data, including both current and historical information. This allows for accurate prediction of buyer behavior and relationship health, enabling businesses to allocate resources effectively and drive incremental growth in a competitive market.

Genevieve Shattow, Head of Analytics at ThroughPut Inc., highlighted the unique value of their AI-powered customer segmentation capabilities. She emphasized that without considering supply chain complexity and operational constraints, businesses have a narrow understanding of customers that hinders meaningful relationships and business growth. By leveraging ThroughPut’s capabilities, businesses can identify unprofitable and profitable customers and prioritize and manage them effectively to drive revenue and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Bhaskar Ballapragda, CTO of ThroughPut Inc., highlighted the dynamic nature of their customer segmentation capabilities. It allows businesses to visualize changes in customer segments over time, comparing them to previous quarters and years for evaluation.

The ThroughPut platform provides businesses with the ability to:

  • Visualize the growth, stagnation, or decline of customer relationships
  • Identify new growth opportunities
  • Prioritize orders dynamically to accelerate time to value
  • Rank and segment customers based on 360° scorecards, taking into account various KPIs
  • Segregate customers into tiers and develop tailored promotions for higher-tier migration
  • Maximize customer lifetime value through granular visibility into customer relationships, including KPI timelines

ThroughPut empowers businesses globally with effective demand planning and management through multi-dimensional customer segmentation, demand-driven capacity management, bottleneck management, and intelligent pricing. By stabilizing supply chains and exceeding customer expectations, ThroughPut helps businesses optimize operational capacity, working capital, and customer experience, setting a solid foundation for continued growth.