Tenable Integrates AI-Driven Identity Security into Exposure Management Platform

Unified view of identity and entitlement risks across Active Directory and Azure AD helps reduce the risk of identities being used in cyber attacks

Tenable®, the Exposure Management company, has introduced new identity-aware features that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide a comprehensive view of user identities and entitlement risks. With Tenable Identity Exposure, customers gain advanced vulnerability and asset risk prioritization capabilities, enabling the identification and disruption of attack paths through Active Directory (AD). The solution is fully integrated within the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform.

According to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting, a significant percentage of IT and security professionals lack an effective way to integrate user privilege data into their vulnerability management practices. This creates a vulnerability, as compromising AD and exploiting access are common tactics employed in ransomware and other attacks.

Traditional AD security tools often offer outdated visibility into the security status of directory services. Tenable Identity Exposure addresses long-standing gaps in AD security by providing continuous AD assessment, real-time attack detection, AI-driven exposure and risk prioritization, as well as detailed remediation instructions.

Key features of Tenable Identity Exposure include Identity Unification and Identity Explorer, which offer a comprehensive view of entitlements across on-premises and cloud-based AD deployments. Additionally, the Identity Risk Score leverages AI and machine learning models to quantify asset risk by combining vulnerability, exposure, and identity entitlements. Tenable has also extended support for Azure Active Directory, enabling customers to manage cloud identity risk and unify identities across environments.

These capabilities are fully integrated within the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform, ensuring identity awareness for vulnerability management, attack path analysis, cloud posture, and web application security practices.

By leveraging modern AI techniques, Tenable aims to quickly identify and prioritize identity and entitlement-related vulnerabilities, empowering customers to proactively prevent attacks rather than simply dealing with their aftermath.

In conclusion, Tenable’s new identity-aware features, powered by AI and machine learning, provide organizations with enhanced visibility and risk management capabilities for user identities and entitlements. This helps prevent attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, ultimately empowering customers to safeguard their identities and protect their sensitive data.