HCLTech Marks 43 Years of Operations in Singapore, Strengthening Commitment to ASEAN Region

Learn how HCLTech continues to drive growth, collaboration, and sustainability in Singapore’s technology community.

HCLTech, a prominent global technology company, recently commemorated its 43rd year of operations in Singapore, further accelerating progress for clients and communities in the region. The company’s steadfast dedication to the ASEAN region was highlighted through its partnership with the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) on a freshman program aimed at nurturing young talent and promoting social innovation.

To celebrate this milestone, HCLTech staff and partners gathered to commemorate Singapore’s 43rd Anniversary, reflecting the company’s deep-rooted presence in the country.

In addition to its commitment to talent development, HCLTech will present the Asia Top 50 Women Tech Leaders 2023 Awards, organized by The Rainmakers. These awards aim to recognize accomplished women in technology, encouraging a more gender-balanced and equitable workforce. By fostering a supportive community, promoting professional growth, and inspiring more women to join the tech industry, HCLTech aims to drive positive change and create a more inclusive environment.

Over the past four decades, HCLTech has played a pivotal role in building a vibrant technology ecosystem in Singapore, collaborating with numerous renowned clients and partners. The company has been at the forefront of technological advancements across the region, pioneering innovations such as the first Wi-Fi based patient tracking system in Asia. Furthermore, HCLTech has contributed to citizen-centric strategic projects for the Singapore government, showcasing its commitment to shaping a technologically advanced society.

“Reinforcing our commitment to innovation and growth, HCLTech has established a robust ecosystem of trusted clients and partners, generating job opportunities and economic growth for the local community in Singapore and the ASEAN region,” stated Sandeep Sarkar, Senior Vice President and Region Head, ASEAN and North Asia, HCLTech. “We eagerly anticipate celebrating this remarkable growth and renewing our commitment to our clients, partners, staff, and the broader community. Moreover, we strive to foster enhanced collaboration with the government and industry, further developing a sustainable and fortified technology community in Singapore.”

As part of its ongoing commitment to arts and culture, HCLTech proudly sponsors the ‘See Me, See You’ video art installation at the National Gallery Singapore. This exhibition marks the first-ever showcase of pioneering video installation artworks from Southeast Asia, experimenting with moving images, performances, and audience participation. Through its support, HCLTech aims to encourage creativity and innovation in the arts, aligning with its mission to empower diverse forms of expression.

HCLTech’s 43-year journey in Singapore serves as a testament to its dedication to technological advancements, talent development, and community growth in the ASEAN region. With its unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration, the company continues to shape a sustainable and thriving technology landscape, benefitting Singapore and the broader community alike.