AirTrunk Announces Development of Second Data Centre in Hong Kong to Meet Growing Demand for Digital Infrastructure

AirTrunk announces plans for its second data centre, AirTrunk HKG2, in Hong Kong to meet the rising demand for critical digital infrastructure in the Asia Pacific region.

AirTrunk, the leading hyperscale data centre specialist in the Asia Pacific and Japan region, has unveiled plans for the construction of its second data centre in Hong Kong. The new facility, named AirTrunk HKG2 (HKG2), aims to address the escalating need for critical digital infrastructure in the area.

Situated in the East New Territories, HKG2 will be strategically located within a major cloud availability zone and will offer scalable capacity exceeding 15 megawatts (MW). The initial phase is projected to be completed by mid-2024, delivering the first batch of capacity to the anchor tenant.

AirTrunk’s latest venture, HKG2, will work in tandem with its first data centre, HKG1, which commenced operations in the West New Territories in late 2020. This expansion provides AirTrunk’s extensive technology clientele with increased location diversity. With HKG2, AirTrunk’s total capacity in Hong Kong will exceed 35MW.

AirTrunk’s APJ platform encompasses ten data centres across the region, including facilities in Australia, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. The cumulative capacity of the platform will soon reach an impressive 1.38 gigawatts (GW).

Michael Juniper, Deputy CEO of AirTrunk, emphasized the significance of Hong Kong as a major international business hub and its aspirations for rapid digital economy development. He noted that the burgeoning demand for cloud services and critical digital infrastructure, fueled by the rapid rise of artificial intelligence (AI), creates a crucial need that HKG2 aims to address.

HKG2 will be transformed from an existing building and will be meticulously designed to fulfill the stringent security requirements of global technology clients, conforming to standards such as PCI DSS, ISO27001, and SOC2 Type 2. Its strategic proximity to key data centres and Hong Kong’s connectivity hub will enable seamless international connectivity, offering direct and low-latency access to Greater China and neighboring Northeast Asian countries.

KC Li, Head of Hong Kong at AirTrunk, expressed optimism about the economic benefits HKG2 will bring to Hong Kong. These include job creation, facilitation of public cloud services, promotion of sustainable innovation, and contributions to the local community.

In alignment with AirTrunk’s commitment to environmental responsibility, HKG2 will be designed with an industry-leading power usage effectiveness of 1.25. Furthermore, as part of AirTrunk’s broader emissions commitment, the facility will achieve Net Zero emissions by 2030 and offer renewable sourcing options.

In November 2022, AirTrunk partnered with CLP Power to introduce an innovative renewable energy solution at AirTrunk’s HKG1 data centre. This pioneering initiative matches Microsoft’s data centre electricity consumption with local renewable energy certificates (RECs), setting a precedent for sustainable practices in Hong Kong.

AirTrunk’s investment in HKG2 underscores its dedication to meeting the evolving digital infrastructure needs of the Asia Pacific and Japan region. The development of this state-of-the-art data centre will not only enhance Hong Kong’s position as a global technology hub but also pave the way for the region’s digital economy to thrive.