Graylog Expands Presence in Asia Pacific to Meet Surging Demand for Security Solutions

With strategic partnerships and a dedicated sales director, Graylog aims to double revenues as cybersecurity spending in the region continues to rise.

Graylog, the renowned Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, announced today its reinforced foothold in the Asia Pacific region, which now represents more than a quarter of Graylog’s global demand. This strategic move comes as the company seeks to capitalize on the growing need for robust security solutions in the rapidly evolving Asian market.

To spearhead this expansion, Graylog appointed Pat Chiu as the Regional Sales Director-Asia in November 2022. Chiu brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role, ensuring Graylog’s continued success in the region. Furthermore, Graylog solidified its market presence by forming a strategic partnership with DT Asia, a prominent provider of cybersecurity solutions. Through this collaboration, Graylog aims to expand its reach in key markets, including Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Joshua Ziel, Chief Sales Officer of Graylog, emphasized the escalating demand for advanced security and log management solutions in the APAC region. “Our accelerated growth in the APAC region underscores the increasing demand for advanced security and log management solutions. An on-the-ground presence will let us serve this market better, with expectations to double revenues this year,” Ziel stated confidently.

DT Asia, recognized as a leader in cybersecurity solutions, views this partnership as an opportunity to offer Asia affordable and intuitive security tools. Mike Tan, Co-founder and Director of DT Asia, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Graylog, saying, “We are excited to collaborate with Graylog and bring to Asia a cost-effective yet powerful SIEM solution.”

The timing of Graylog’s expansion coincides with a significant upswing in security spending across the Asia/Pacific region. According to IDC, security spending is projected to reach USD 36 billion in 2023, marking a 16.7% increase from the previous year. This upward trajectory is expected to continue, with an estimated USD 55 billion in spending on security-related products and services by 2026. Factors such as the rising prevalence of cyber-attacks, the ongoing digital transformation, and the emergence of hybrid workforces contribute to this remarkable growth.

Graylog’s expanded presence in the Asia Pacific region signifies a pivotal step towards addressing the pressing security needs of the region. With their award-winning SIEM solution and a strengthened foothold, Graylog is well-positioned to cater to the escalating demand for advanced security and log management solutions in the rapidly evolving APAC market.