Honeywell Partners with Resorts World Sentosa to Implement Singapore’s First Cloud-Based Building Management System

The collaboration showcases advanced technologies that reduce costs, improve occupant comfort, and streamline workflows while encouraging industrywide adoption of innovative solutions.

In a groundbreaking move for the tech industry, Honeywell has announced a strategic collaboration with Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) to deploy Singapore’s inaugural large-scale, cloud-based building management system (BMS). This revolutionary system aims to spearhead decarbonization efforts, optimize energy consumption, and streamline workflows within RWS’s extensive 49-hectare resort.

Resorts World Sentosa, renowned for its world-class attractions and luxurious hotels, will now benefit from enhanced control over its building systems through the implementation of Honeywell’s dynamic energy optimization, fault-detection diagnostics, and predictive maintenance technologies. These cutting-edge solutions are specifically designed to minimize utility and operational costs, detect and mitigate energy waste, and enhance the comfort and well-being of occupants. Moreover, the BMS will facilitate RWS’s compliance with Singapore’s stringent environmental regulations.

In a bid to drive industrywide adoption of these system-agnostic solutions, Honeywell and RWS will collaborate to transform the resort’s centralized command center into an open-architecture showcase. This initiative aims to encourage other organizations within the sector to embrace these advanced technologies and foster collaborative learning.

Yadav Sharad, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell Building Technologies ASEAN, expressed his enthusiasm for Resorts World Sentosa’s commitment to shaping the future of building management systems. He commended RWS for not only adopting state-of-the-art technologies but also taking the lead in creating an open showcase that freely shares insights and best practices, thereby accelerating the adoption of smart technology and connectivity across the industry.

Honeywell’s intelligent dynamic energy optimization feature will autonomously fine-tune settings in real time, resulting in annual energy savings of up to 4GWh for RWS. To put this into perspective, the savings are equivalent to the energy consumption of over 880 four-room high-density building flats, all while ensuring guests enjoy optimal comfort in Singapore’s tropical climate. Additionally, Honeywell’s fault-detection diagnostics and predictive maintenance solutions will provide round-the-clock surveillance of the resort’s building systems. These innovative technologies will analyze vast amounts of data, enabling real-time automated troubleshooting and delivering operational insights on energy consumption trends.

To offer comprehensive oversight of the resort’s building operations, Honeywell will integrate RWS’s BMS with critical components such as lifts, escalators, lighting, and fire detection systems. By installing Internet of Things (IoT)-connected sensors, Honeywell will track and optimize energy consumption across these systems.

The introduction of Singapore’s first large-scale, cloud-based building management system represents a significant milestone in the tech industry. Honeywell’s collaboration with Resorts World Sentosa will not only revolutionize the resort’s operations but also pave the way for widespread adoption of advanced building management solutions. The implementation of these innovative technologies will have far-reaching implications for energy efficiency, sustainability, and cost optimization within the tech industry and beyond. As organizations seek ways to reduce their environmental footprint, this partnership serves as a beacon of inspiration, showcasing the benefits of embracing smart technologies and collaborative learning to drive the future of building management systems.