CloudMile Recognized as one of HR Asia’s Best Companies to Work for in AsiaTM 2023 (Taiwan Edition)

Offering a caring, cooperative, and inclusive work environment, fostering talent growth, innovation, and global collaboration in the IT industry.

CloudMile, a leading provider of cloud, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, has been honored with the prestigious accolade of being named one of The Best Companies To Work For by HR Asia. The award underscores CloudMile’s commitment to fostering a cooperative, flexible, respectful, caring, and stable working environment for its employees.

The HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards is a highly regarded program that celebrates organizations in Asia considered by their workforce as top-notch workplaces. This award recognizes the quality of HR practices and the extent of employee satisfaction and engagement within the organization. Open to companies from across Asia, the award showcases exemplary HR practices and work environments.

With the global economy on the path to recovery, companies like CloudMile are placing greater emphasis on teamwork, employee engagement, care, and empathy for their team members. These values are at the core of CloudMile’s philosophy, and the company has been lauded for its effective pursuit of these goals. As a result of its outstanding efforts, CloudMile’s Taiwan Branch has earned its place as one of HR Asia’s Best Companies to Work for in AsiaTM 2023 (Taiwan Edition).

A Thriving Workplace Culture at CloudMile

CloudMile’s popularity as an employer of choice can be attributed to several factors that contribute to excellent employee retention. The company boasts a flat organizational structure with a strong foundation of trust, allowing employees to openly express challenges without fear of retribution. In a supportive and nurturing environment, experienced staff proactively offer help, guidance, and continuous education to their colleagues.

One of CloudMile’s distinguishing features is its commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, attracting top-tier talent from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and regions. Employees at CloudMile are rewarded with competitive salaries, enticing benefits, and stock options. Additionally, they get the opportunity to collaborate with international clients within multinational teams, fostering a dynamic and globally-minded work atmosphere.

A Promising Path for Employee Growth and Innovation

At CloudMile, nurturing employee potential and fostering career development are paramount. The company offers various programs, including management function growth initiatives, newcomer training, career counseling, interdepartmental rotations, and opportunities for overseas travel to help employees advance in their careers.

CloudMile has cultivated a learning-oriented culture, facilitating employees’ growth through AoD (Area of Depth) virtual societies, technical book clubs, free English classes, and subsidies for technical certification exams. The company takes immense pride in its impressive achievements in professional accreditation and technical patents, showcasing its excellence and innovation in the IT industry.

CloudMile’s accomplishments include over 150 Google Cloud Professional Certifications, more than 300 total professional licenses, an average of three technical licenses per engineer, and the acquisition of 10 technical patents.

An Inclusive and Diverse Workforce

CloudMile is committed to promoting inclusivity in the workplace, encouraging employees to embrace cultural diversity, and fostering an open-minded attitude towards race and gender. This commitment to inclusivity is also reflected in the company’s hiring policy, as evidenced by a substantial proportion of female employees within the organization.

The recognition of CloudMile as one of HR Asia’s Best Companies to Work for in AsiaTM 2023 (Taiwan Edition) solidifies its position as a trailblazer in creating a supportive and enriching work environment. With a steadfast dedication to employee growth, a commitment to diversity, and a focus on innovation, CloudMile continues to set new standards for excellence in the IT industry.