Integrating Generative AI Capabilities Across Cybersecurity Platform

Industry’s largest repository of threat, vulnerability and asset data enables unprecedented intelligence to quickly identify and mitigate cyber risk

Tenable®, the leader in Exposure Management solutions, has unveiled ExposureAI, a novel suite of generative AI capabilities and services integrated into the Tenable One Exposure Management Platform.

Additionally, Tenable has introduced the Tenable Exposure Graph, a scalable data repository, in partnership with Snowflake, which fuels the ExposureAI engine. This unified data platform represents an impressive compilation of over 1 trillion distinct exposures, IT assets, and security findings (encompassing vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and identities) across IT, public cloud, and OT environments. Remarkably, it stands as the world’s most extensive collection of contextual exposure data, nourishing all of Tenable’s Exposure Management products.

The challenge of prioritizing prevention over reaction has long vexed security teams. The process of analysis, interpreting findings, and determining the necessary remedial actions has historically consumed significant time, rendering organizational security primarily reactive. According to a recent survey, 58% of cybersecurity and IT professionals admit their security teams are engrossed in addressing critical incidents, leaving little room for a proactive approach to curtailing their organization’s exposure. Moreover, a substantial 73% of these professionals believe that their organization’s defense against cyberattacks could be considerably enhanced with more dedicated resources towards preventive cybersecurity.

Effectively harnessing the potential of AI hinges on both data and expertise to generate actionable insights. Since the inception of its dynamic Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR) in 2019, Tenable has leveraged AI techniques to assist organizations in prioritizing vulnerabilities according to actual risk. The company has recently offered generative AI-developed research tools for free to the cybersecurity community. Presently, Tenable is capitalizing on generative AI to empower security teams further, allowing them to be more efficient and allocate more resources to thwarting successful attacks. The insights provided by Tenable ExposureAI democratize exposure management, effectively transforming all analysts into adept defenders.

Tenable ExposureAI introduces three distinct categories of generative AI-driven preventive security capabilities that underpin exposure management initiatives:

  1. Search – Equips security teams to utilize natural language search queries to scrutinize assets and exposures across their environments. This helps comprehend pertinent contextual details and prioritize remediation endeavors.
  2. Explain – Offers targeted mitigation guidance utilizing Tenable’s extensive exposure data. This affords security teams lucid visibility and succinct analyses of intricate attack pathways, specific assets, or security discoveries.
  3. Action – Provides actionable insights and recommended measures rooted in the most impactful exposures. This empowers security teams to proactively confront risks and diminish their organization’s overall exposure.

Glen Pendley, Tenable’s Chief Technology Officer, remarked, “For years, Tenable has used its market-leading vulnerability management data and applied AI techniques to help organizations prioritize vulnerabilities based on true risk to the business. AI is a part of our DNA. Now we’re using generative AI to put more power than ever in the hands of security teams to inform their exposure management programs and root out cyber risk wherever it exists.”Tenable One amalgamates vulnerability management, external attack surface management, identity security, web application and API scanning, and cloud security data to detect vulnerabilities before malicious actors can exploit them. This holistic approach ensures continuous monitoring, offering the most comprehensive exposure management coverage available.

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For a deeper understanding, read the blog post titled “Introducing ExposureAI in Tenable One: Embracing the Future of Preventive Cybersecurity.

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