CloudMile Unveils Key Collaboration with MongoDB

New Partnership Creates Speed, Scale, and Security for Corporate Resources

CloudMile, a prominent AI and cloud technology firm located in Asia that specializes in driving digital transformation and advancement for its corporate clientele, has unveiled a key collaboration with MongoDB. This partnership introduces MongoDB Atlas to CloudMile’s corporate customers. By means of this collaboration, CloudMile’s clients gain access to MongoDB Atlas—an adept cloud-native developer data platform—housed on Google Cloud. This amalgamation equips developers with the vital flexibility and scalability needed to swiftly and efficiently erect top-tier enterprise applications.

CloudMile’s corporate patrons are now equipped to harness MongoDB Atlas to expedite their product creation, construct applications that are both scalable and fortified, and acquire comprehensive insights into their data. MongoDB’s fully managed developer data platform aligns harmoniously with Google Cloud’s open data cloud, thereby offering unparalleled speed, scalability, and security.

Strengthening their customers’ capabilities

In the present business landscape, enterprises encounter an array of hurdles in the realm of data management, encompassing issues such as fragmented data repositories and sluggish query processing. The collaborative effort between CloudMile and MongoDB endeavors to surmount these challenges by delivering clients a contemporary, user-friendly, and unified developer data platform. This platform furnishes in-depth insights into customer interactions, product performances, and operational endeavors.

In conjunction with Google Cloud BigQuery, MongoDB Atlas empowers users to enhance operational data and enrich the quality of end-user experiences. The platform adeptly manages real-time operational applications, accommodating thousands of simultaneous sessions and furnishing responses in milliseconds. Subsequently, carefully curated subsets of this data are duplicated to BigQuery for the purposes of aggregation, intricate analytics, and the application of machine learning.

Expediting efficiency in mobile gaming development

Asia’s current mobile gaming sector is undergoing a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3 to 5%. In order to harness the potency of data and seize this avenue of growth, the partnership between CloudMile and MongoDB has already proven beneficial for a prominent gaming entity in Taiwan. This collaboration has substantially curtailed maintenance and operational expenses, freeing up resources to concentrate on product innovation. With the support of Google Cloud services supplied by CloudMile, MongoDB Atlas is easily deployable, catering to scalability requirements with high performance and unwavering availability. The platform streamlines data synchronization through ACID Transactions, economizing time for game developers by furnishing a unified platform through a singular API. Moreover, comprehensive security and data safeguarding mechanisms guarantee business continuity and resilience during data storage and transmission. With attributes such as a malleable document data model, transactional capabilities, and Google Cloud’s built-in security, gamers can immerse themselves in a controlled environment that assures uninterrupted gaming experiences.

Enabling digital transformation through refined solutions

Patrick Wee, Country Manager, Malaysia, Google Cloud, emphasized, “Through CloudMile, enterprises in Malaysia can seamlessly deploy partner products alongside our own. For example, they can release a new deployment of MongoDB Atlas alongside BigQuery to share transactional data and run complex, real-time analytics over petabyte-scale datasets.” This underscores the ability of CloudMile, MongoDB, and Google Cloud to dismantle data silos and ensure secure harnessing of data from diverse sources, across various locations, and on assorted platforms. This cooperation aims to deepen its ties to facilitate businesses of all scales in accomplishing successful data-driven digital transformations at every juncture.

Lester Leong, Country Manager of CloudMile Malaysia, expressed excitement about the strategic partnership, highlighting MongoDB’s reputation for its adeptness in horizontal scaling and load balancing. This collaboration is poised to spur further growth and unlock novel opportunities.

Simon Eid, Senior Vice President of APAC, MongoDB, remarked, “The partnership between CloudMile and MongoDB brings together the power of AI, our developer data platform and cloud technology to empower customers to gain detailed insights into their data, accelerate their product development, and enhance end-customer experiences.” The aspiration to foster growth and triumph collectively in the region remains a central focus.

Anticipated to yield significant synergies and prospects for both entities, the strategic partnership is positioned to propel additional expansion and accomplishment in addressing industry challenges. It is set to foster credibility and engender trust among their shared clientele.