Partnership That Will Change The Travel Industry by Leveraging ChatGPT-type Technology

Discover the groundbreaking partnership between JX Luxventure Limited and Hainan Airlines, reshaping the travel industry. Learn how Heyang’s role as a regional agent for ticket sales and the potential use of advanced technologies like ChatGPT are set to redefine seamless travel experiences and customer satisfaction.

JX Luxventure Limited, a company involved in the tourism sector with business divisions spanning tourism, duty-free cross-border merchandise, and tourism technology solutions, announced today that its subsidiary, Beijing Heyang International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. (“Heyang”), has entered into a passenger transport sales agency agreement (referred to as the “Agreement”) with Hainan Airlines (“Hainan Airlines” or “HNA”) on August 14, 2023. As per the Agreement, Heyang has been designated by Hainan Airlines as the regional agent responsible for selling tickets for both domestic and international routes, including specifically managed domestic regional routes.

This Agreement paves the way for Heyang to seamlessly acquire domestic and international flight tickets from Hainan Airlines and efficiently distribute them to our valued network of business partners. This groundbreaking partnership not only continues but also strengthens our already impressive collaboration. This builds on the success we’ve achieved in our prior joint endeavors, such as when HNA’s cross-border e-commerce division effectively utilized JX Luxventure’s cloud warehouse system and robust supply chain services. Recently, the Company unveiled its plans to incorporate ChatGPT-like technology across various aspects of its business. We are confident that this collaboration with HNA will effectively leverage a similar technology on our platform, further enhancing the business operations of both the Company and HNA.

Ms. Sun “Ice” Lei, the CEO of the Company, expressed, “Hainan Airlines’ annual airline ticket sales volume of USD 3.36 billion is a remarkable testament to their industry prowess. We are extremely proud to have the opportunity to provide our esteemed business partners with access to Hainan Airlines’ tickets. As a rising player in the industry, being entrusted with this exclusive privilege by HNA, a monumental entity with an impressive portfolio of 12 airlines, is a true honor that sets us apart. Our steadfast commitment to nurturing and expanding this promising partnership remains unwavering, and we eagerly look forward to a productive journey ahead alongside Hainan Airlines and its esteemed membership base.”

In conclusion, the collaboration between JX Luxventure Limited and Hainan Airlines marks a significant milestone in the realm of tourism and travel solutions. This partnership not only highlights the strategic alignment between these industry leaders but also underscores their commitment to innovation and seamless customer experiences. With Heyang’s role as the regional agent for ticket sales and the potential integration of advanced technologies like ChatGPT, the future holds promising prospects for enhanced business operations and customer satisfaction. As the journey unfolds, both companies are poised to elevate the travel industry by providing unparalleled services to their partners and customers, setting a benchmark for excellence and progress in the evolving landscape of travel and tourism.