Empowering Vietnam’s Flourishing Digital Community with High-Speed Internet Connectivity

An infrastructure driven by Juniper technology will establish the cornerstone of Viettel’s countrywide services, propelling Vietnam’s digital revolution in response to the escalating need for digital offerings.

Juniper Networks, renowned for its secure, AI-driven networks, has officially declared that Viettel Group, the largest telecommunications conglomerate in Vietnam with a rapidly expanding global presence, has opted for Juniper’s MX960 Universal Routing Platform to modernize its network infrastructure. This strategic upgrade is set to empower Viettel in effectively enhancing its offerings of mobile and fixed broadband services to consumers, a task made increasingly crucial by the escalating digital needs of its tech-savvy population. This initiative is also in alignment with the government’s endeavor to foster economic growth through technological advancements.

Vietnam, boasting a user base of over 77 million internet users, stands as the Southeast Asian leader in the digital economy’s rapid expansion. This is attributed to the flourishing e-commerce sector and the widespread adoption of digital services. Notably named Vietnam’s most valuable brand and one of the World’s Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in 2022, Viettel has emerged as a global telecommunications leader with over 70 million mobile subscribers globally. Within Vietnam, the company has recently achieved remarkable growth, maintaining its dominant stance with a 54% share of the mobile market and a 40% share of the fiber internet market.

Amidst the country’s thrust towards digital transformation, a concerted effort to amplify connectivity among its populace, Viettel has embarked on a transformative mission to nurture Vietnam’s digital society. Leveraging Juniper’s routing and security solutions for more than a decade across core, edge, and metro access networks, Viettel has now intensified this collaboration by adopting Juniper’s MX960 Universal Routing Platform alongside MX-SPC3 Services Cards. This move aims to bolster the carrier-grade network address translation (CGNAT) capacity, a pivotal component in managing burgeoning traffic and ensuring seamless network address translation.

In order to adeptly cater to the surging demand for broadband and mobile services spanning urban and rural domains, while making the most of its public IPv4 addresses, Viettel has chosen to elevate its CGNAT capabilities. Among the array of advanced features, this upgrade facilitates the coexistence of IPv4 and IPv6 within Viettel’s network. These enhancements have empowered Viettel to efficiently expand its repertoire of consumer-centric mobile and fixed broadband services, ushering its subscribers into unparalleled realms of experience encompassing gaming, streaming, and professional applications.

With Juniper’s high-performance, dependable, and scalable networking solutions, Viettel is fortified with a robust foundation for its growth trajectory. This enables the company to perpetuate its position as the foremost service provider within Vietnam, all the while broadening its reach across continents like Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Juniper Networks and Viettel Group marks a significant stride towards elevating Vietnam’s digital landscape. With Juniper’s cutting-edge technology and Viettel’s visionary approach, the stage is set for a new era of connectivity and innovation. As Vietnam’s digital economy continues its remarkable ascent, powered by the ever-growing demand for online services, Viettel’s strategic investment in upgrading its network infrastructure demonstrates a commitment to delivering seamless experiences to its diverse and tech-savvy consumer base. With a solid foundation in place, characterized by Juniper’s reliable and scalable networking solutions, Viettel is poised not only to maintain its position as a telecommunications leader within Vietnam but also to extend its influence across continents. This collaboration not only bolsters Viettel’s capabilities but also underscores the transformative potential of technology in propelling economic growth and societal advancement. As digital ecosystems evolve, the partnership between Juniper and Viettel stands as a beacon of innovation, promising a future where connectivity knows no bounds, and possibilities are limitless.