Introducing Managed Storage Service to Revolutionize Enterprise Workloads in the Cloud

Discover how NetApp and Google Cloud’s groundbreaking collaboration introduces a managed storage service that is set to revolutionize the landscape of enterprise workloads in the cloud. Learn about the innovative solution designed to transform the way businesses manage and optimize their cloud-based operations.

NetApp®, a global company specializing in cloud-driven data-centric software, has announced an expansion of its collaboration with Google Cloud aimed at delivering enhanced storage performance within the cloud’s user-friendly and adaptable framework. Through the launch of Google Cloud NetApp Volumes, now accessible as a fully managed, first-party service on the Google Cloud platform, customers can effortlessly migrate critical business workloads from both Windows and Linux environments to Google Cloud. This includes demanding scenarios such as VMware and SAP migrations, all achieved without the need to rework code or overhaul existing processes.

Dave McCarthy, Research Vice President for Cloud and Edge Infrastructure Services at IDC, commented, “NetApp’s groundbreaking partnership with Google Cloud is setting a new standard for advanced features in public cloud file storage, serving as a benchmark for the industry. The integration of NetApp’s name with the cloud provider in this first-party service highlights their commitment to providing cutting-edge cloud storage solutions that effectively address customer and market demands.”

Google Cloud NetApp Volumes is built on the foundation of NetApp ONTAP™ data management software and cloud services. The partnership, currently active, empowers users to seamlessly extend their workloads into Google Cloud using an automated storage service deeply integrated into the platform’s ecosystem. This integration offers enterprise-grade storage, data protection, and business continuity for various workloads.

Ronen Schwartz, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cloud Storage at NetApp, stated, “Through an extended collaboration with Google Cloud, NetApp is introducing ONTAP storage and data management capabilities as a first-party service for Google Cloud customers. This simplifies the utilization of enterprise-grade storage in critical workloads, optimizing file storage for Windows, Linux, SAP, and VMware workloads. Our objective is to create forward-thinking, user-friendly cloud storage and data services, and this partnership allows us to continue transforming this vision into reality.”

Sameet Agarwal, Vice President and General Manager of Google Cloud Storage, added, “This announcement further extends our capacity to deliver first-party storage and enterprise data management services, enabling organizations to quickly deploy, run, secure, and scale enterprise workloads using the familiar tools and interface of Google Cloud. We are excited to enhance our File Solutions portfolio by sustaining our collaboration with NetApp, providing cloud flexibility, data protection, and efficiency to our customers.”

Matthew Swinbourne, CTO of Cloud Architecture at NetApp Asia Pacific, emphasized the significance of this partnership in the APAC region, where businesses are seeking simplicity, flexibility, security, and cost-effectiveness in managing their cloud resources and services.

Key features of Google Cloud NetApp Volumes include:

  • Enterprise-grade, multiprotocol file shares supporting robust SMB and NFS protocols to handle demanding Windows and Linux workloads, including the exclusive support for protocols like SMB and NFSv4.1 (and v3) within Google Cloud’s storage services.
  • The ability to instantly add or adjust capacity between performance tiers without disruptions, allowing real-time balancing of investment and performance.
  • Integrated data protection that efficiently generates incremental block-level backups without affecting uptime or performance, meeting RTO/RPO requirements for optimal application availability.

Anthony Lloyd, Vice President of Technology Services at OpenText, an existing NetApp customer utilizing Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Cloud Volumes Service on Google Cloud, expressed enthusiasm for embracing the new Google Cloud NetApp Volumes. This fully managed file storage service facilitates the seamless migration of enterprise applications, such as Kubernetes, to Google Cloud without the need for code alterations or process redesigns, streamlining operations across all IT environments.

In a remarkable synergy of expertise, NetApp and Google Cloud have unveiled a managed storage service that promises to reshape the future of enterprise workloads within the cloud. This pioneering collaboration marks a significant leap forward in providing businesses with the tools they need to navigate the evolving demands of the digital landscape. By combining NetApp’s proficiency in data management and Google Cloud’s cutting-edge infrastructure, a new era of streamlined, efficient, and dynamic cloud operations is on the horizon. As industries continue to embrace the transformative power of cloud technology, this partnership stands as a beacon of innovation, empowering enterprises to harness the full potential of their digital ambitions.

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