A Trio of Cloud-Ready Networking Products on the Horizon

Discover Zyxel Networks’ cost-effective, high-speed WiFi solutions tailored for small businesses. Explore the SCR 50AXE Secure Cloud-managed Router, NWA90AX Access Point, and GS1915 Smart Managed Switch, simplifying network management and boosting efficiency for SMBs.

Zyxel Networks, a leading provider of secure and cloud-powered networking solutions, has introduced a series of cost-effective, reliable high-speed WiFi solutions tailored for small businesses. This offering includes three cloud-based networking solutions: the SCR 50AXE Tri-band WiFi 6E Secure Cloud-managed Router, NWA90AX 802.11ax Dual-Radio PoE Access Point, and GS1915 GbE Smart Managed Switch.

In today’s business landscape, having an effective network infrastructure is crucial, and Zyxel understands that acquiring, setting up, and maintaining such a network can be particularly daunting for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

A Trio Designed Specifically for SMBs

Among these three products, the standout is the SCR 50AXE Secure Cloud-managed Router. SMBs often face challenges when seeking an affordable network management solution that offers speed, security, and ease of administration. The SCR 50AXE addresses these concerns by bundling security, WiFi 6E technology, and cloud management into a single budget-friendly device.

Besides supporting the latest tri-band AXE5400 WiFi 6E standard, this router comes with top-tier security features right out of the box, with no additional subscription or licensing fees required. It is also designed to be cloud-native, allowing even non-technical staff to effortlessly oversee connectivity and security through the Nebula app.

The NWA90AX Access Point ensures that businesses of all sizes can benefit from the transformative advantages of WiFi 6, including enhanced speeds in crowded environments, expanded coverage, and improved support for IoT devices. Whether it’s a bustling café or a small office, the user-friendly design of this access point means it can be installed, configured, and managed by any staff member.

The GS1915 Smart Managed Switch carries forward the concept of simplicity without compromise. Its straightforward deployment process and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to boost efficiency without the need for dedicated IT teams.

“The concerns we hear most from small companies relate to high investment costs and complex network management. But these issues shouldn’t stop them from accessing the fast speeds, wide coverage, and easy management they need to thrive,” Crowley Wu, Zyxel’s vice president of sales and marketing said. “That’s why we have designed these solutions to prioritize simplicity, affordability, and functionality. All of them can be managed anytime, anywhere via our Nebula cloud platform.”

Zyxel Networks has taken a significant stride in addressing the network infrastructure needs of small businesses with its trio of innovative and budget-friendly solutions. The SCR 50AXE Secure Cloud-managed Router, NWA90AX Access Point, and GS1915 Smart Managed Switch not only deliver high-speed WiFi and top-notch security but also simplify network management for SMBs. In an era where connectivity and efficiency are paramount for business success, these offerings from Zyxel provide a clear pathway for small businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. With these solutions at their disposal, SMBs can look forward to seamless connectivity, enhanced security, and improved productivity, all without the complexities typically associated with network management.