Savant Systems and Juniper Networks Partner for AI-Driven Smart Home Automation

Discover how Juniper Networks and Savant Systems are revolutionizing smart home automation with AI-driven solutions. Explore the partnership’s impact on comfort, convenience, and efficiency for millions of homeowners.

Juniper Networks, a prominent player in the field of secure, AI-powered networking, has announced today that Savant Systems, a global leader in smart home and energy solutions, has opted for Juniper’s AI-Driven Enterprise solutions, including wireless access, in order to transform the home automation experience by introducing intelligent controls to millions of households.

In today’s world, homeowners aspire to have homes that provide them with comfort, convenience, and efficiency. Savant smart homes integrate automated controls for security, lighting, temperature, power, and streamlined wireless networking. However, they require remote management, visibility, and proactive issue resolution to ensure they operate smoothly while delivering exceptional user experiences.

With an extensive background in the smart home industry, Savant Systems has been supplying its software to millions of homes for over 17 years. The company is dedicated to delivering top-tier smart home and energy solutions. In order to enhance the customer experience further, Savant needed a wireless infrastructure that is both user-friendly and dependable, with comprehensive insights into the performance of all smart home components. Savant has chosen Juniper’s wireless access solution, powered by Mist AI, as the cornerstone of their smart home solutions.

Being a leader in wireless access technology, Juniper offers Savant a range of distinctive yet indispensable AI-driven networking features. These include customizable wireless service levels, proactive AI-driven issue resolution, and autonomous operations that ensure customer networks run seamlessly. Furthermore, Savant developers have harnessed Juniper’s open API-centric architecture to create a tailored AI-driven dashboard. This dashboard allows dealers to effortlessly manage, monitor, and support individual customer networks directly from their Savant dashboard, eliminating the need to learn a new user interface. This, in turn, accelerates the time to generate revenue and reduces overhead for their installation team.

“Savant Systems is thrilled to be partnering with Juniper solutions and Mist AI to help our dealers reduce the discovery and resolution time of any Wi-Fi issue,” said Aaron Gutin, Product Category Director at Savant Systems. “Our integrators and end users are happy when the Wi-Fi’s great—which means we’re happy too.”

The collaboration between Juniper Networks and Savant Systems marks a significant stride towards redefining the future of smart home automation. With Juniper’s cutting-edge AI-Driven Enterprise solutions and Savant’s unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in smart home and energy solutions, millions of homeowners can look forward to a more comfortable, convenient, and efficient living experience. This partnership not only ensures the reliability and performance of smart home networks but also empowers dealers with powerful tools for seamless management and support. As we move forward, the synergy between these industry leaders promises to usher in a new era of intelligent home automation, setting a benchmark for innovation and user satisfaction in the ever-evolving landscape of smart technology.