Greening the Future: Transforming Smart Buildings for a Sustainable World

Discover how BT and Johnson Controls are revolutionizing smart building technology to reduce emissions, cut costs, and accelerate sustainability in workplaces worldwide.

BT and Johnson Controls have joined forces to facilitate the adoption of smart building technology for business clients in the UK and abroad. This collaboration aims to enable the digital monitoring, analysis, and optimization of energy consumption within workplace environments, spanning from offices to factories. By leveraging their extensive expertise in sustainable building management and global networking, these industry leaders aim to expedite customers’ progress towards achieving Net Zero goals, while simultaneously reducing operational expenses.

Sarwar Khan, the Global Head of Digital Sustainability for BT’s Business division, expressed, “Our partnership with Johnson Controls is pivotal to BT’s commitment to helping customers mitigate 60 million tonnes of CO2 emissions by March 2030. Customers will gain improved visibility and control over energy data from interconnected buildings, aiding in the reduction of both Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, thus accelerating their journey towards Net Zero.”

Buildings are a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for nearly 40% of such emissions, as highlighted by the World Green Building Council. The International Energy Agency (IEA) also reports that buildings account for at least 30% of global energy consumption. This context underscores the increasing importance of smart and sustainable building solutions in meeting climate targets. Simultaneously, the proliferation of subsystems, IoT devices, and data necessitates secure and dependable networks. Connectivity to cloud services is becoming crucial even in areas within buildings that were once inadequately served by traditional networking solutions.

The collaboration between BT and Johnson Controls offers solutions that harness smart building technology and Johnson Controls’ OpenBlue digital platform, interconnected through robust and secure networks. These solutions enhance data collection, bolster security measures, and enable effective management of interconnected buildings on a larger scale.

Katie McGinty, Vice President and Chief Sustainability and External Relations Officer at Johnson Controls, emphasized, “Through the powerful fusion of technology, strategic partnerships, and government incentives, the time is ripe for advancing sustainability leadership and action. The collaboration between Johnson Controls and BT will unlock fresh possibilities for customers to further reduce emissions, curtail costs, and invigorate their sustainability initiatives.”

To showcase the combined capabilities of their technologies, BT and Johnson Controls will conduct a live demonstration at BT’s research facilities in Adastral Park.

This partnership between BT and Johnson Controls serves as a testament to the power of technology, strategic alliances, and a shared commitment to environmental stewardship. It offers a beacon of hope in the global effort to combat climate change and usher in a sustainable future. As their collaboration unfolds and their solutions continue to evolve, it is clear that businesses and industries across the globe will benefit, driving us one step closer to a world where smart, sustainable, and efficient buildings are the norm. The live demonstration at BT’s research facilities promises to showcase the boundless potential of this partnership, offering a glimpse into the future of smarter, greener, and more connected buildings for all.