Transforming Frontline Operations: Singapore’s 5G Revolution with AI and AR

Discover how Singapore’s 5G project, a collaboration between IMDA, HTX, SCDF, StarHub, and IBM, is revolutionizing frontline operations with AI and AR technologies. Explore how this innovative initiative enhances equipment inspections and emergency responses, showcasing Singapore’s leadership in 5G innovation for public safety.

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), HTX (Home Team Science and Technology Agency), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), StarHub, and IBM have jointly unveiled a new 5G project aimed at enhancing the operational readiness of SCDF frontliners. This initiative will achieve this by automating equipment inspections and enabling remote assistance using smart glasses, AI, and AR technologies.

The project, driven by 5G technology, will undergo testing at SCDF’s Smart Fire Station, specifically the Punggol Fire Station. It will be implemented on the latest-generation fire emergency vehicles and will incorporate the following key features:

  1. AI-Powered Visual Inspection: Utilizing 5G-connected smart glasses, this component will employ AI-powered visual inspection, voice-activated commands, step-by-step on-screen procedures, and dynamic content display. These functionalities will streamline equipment inspections, reduce the time required, and improve equipment inventory monitoring. Inspection data will be consolidated in a central dashboard in real-time, allowing for defect detection and instant updates on equipment status, thereby enhancing SCDF’s preparedness for emergency responses.
  2. AR-Assisted Real-Time Remote Assistance: The project harnesses standalone 5G technology to facilitate AR remote assistance. During post-fire investigations, on-site commanders will have live access to fire investigation specialists through real-time augmented annotations and video interactions. This enables comprehensive scene processing and analysis, significantly improving efficiency during critical operations.

The upcoming phase of this two-year project will involve complete integration of solutions with backend services and ongoing field testing. Additionally, IMDA and IBM will collaborate to ensure data governance and cybersecurity are seamlessly integrated into the operations.

This initiative receives support from IMDA’s 5G Innovation Programme, with HTX providing technical expertise and guidance, IBM delivering end-to-end solutions leveraging AI, automation, and AR, and StarHub ensuring secure 5G connectivity and hardware performance throughout the project’s stages.

Dr. Ong Chen Hui, Assistant Chief Executive of IMDA, expressed the agency’s commitment to advancing 5G innovation and enabling industry partners to leverage these capabilities for operational enhancements. Singapore’s pioneering efforts in various 5G projects underscore its position as a regional leader in 5G innovation.

Deputy Commissioner DC Ling, Young Ern, of SCDF, highlighted the organization’s commitment to leveraging smart technologies to enhance training and operations, emphasizing the significance of 5G-enabled capabilities in their efforts.

StarHub emphasized the importance of ultra-low latency and high bandwidth in mission-critical operations, pledging its dedication to leveraging its expertise in 5G, AI, Cloud, and Green Tech solutions to support SCDF’s digital transformation.

IBM, as a global technology provider, brings AI-based IBM Maximo Visual Inspection to the project, utilizing 5G-connected AR smart glasses to automate equipment inspections and equip SCDF frontliners with data-driven decision-making capabilities. IBM remains committed to supporting Singapore’s Smart Nation endeavors and the exploration of new possibilities through advanced technology.

This groundbreaking 5G use case will be showcased at the exclusive Think on Tour Singapore event hosted by IBM on September 14, 2023.

the collaborative 5G project between IMDA, HTX, SCDF, StarHub, and IBM represents a significant step forward in harnessing cutting-edge technology to enhance the readiness and capabilities of our frontline heroes. By integrating AI, AR, and 5G connectivity, this initiative not only streamlines equipment inspections but also provides real-time support during critical operations. As Singapore continues to lead the way in 5G innovation, this project serves as a shining example of how emerging technologies can be leveraged to improve public safety and emergency response. With ongoing commitment and collaboration, the future holds endless possibilities for further advancements in this dynamic field, ensuring that our first responders are equipped with the best tools and technology to safeguard our communities.