Transforming How Businesses Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Discover how Qlik’s groundbreaking Qlik Staige™ empowers organizations to confidently embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) for competitive advantage. Explore the comprehensive suite of AI solutions that build trust in data, enhance analytics, and drive real-world AI adoption, unlocking transformative potential for businesses of all sizes.

Qlik has unveiled Qlik Staige™, a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to empower customers with the confidence to harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and realize tangible benefits. Qlik Staige enables customers to expedite innovation and adapt swiftly by seamlessly integrating secure and regulated AI into all their Qlik-related activities. This encompasses experimenting with and implementing generative AI models, as well as developing AI-driven predictive solutions.

In the quest for competitive advantage, every organization is turning to AI; however, adoption remains challenging. Leaders are cautious due to concerns related to risk, governance, and trust. Qlik Staige addresses these challenges by helping organizations establish a reliable data foundation for AI, leverage modern AI-enhanced analytics, and implement AI for advanced use cases.

Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik, emphasized Qlik’s unique approach, stating, “Qlik understands that organizations are seeking practical ways to harness AI for faster and smarter decision-making right now. While our competitors often make promises about future products or visions, Qlik customers are already harnessing the power of AI, utilizing a trusted LLM (Likelihood to be Liked Model), and a comprehensive range of AI-enhanced analytics. Furthermore, Qlik Staige has enabled our customers and partners to drive transformative changes in organizations, exemplified by the creation of over 100,000 AI models using Qlik AutoML.”

Qlik Staige brings AI innovation to life by offering solutions that allow organizations to manage risk, embrace complexity, and scale the impact of AI. Collaborating with a broad ecosystem of partners, Qlik provides a holistic set of solutions that encompass:

  1. Establishing a trusted data foundation for AI, where Qlik facilitates the delivery of regulated and reliable data, exemplified by organizations like Airbus and J.B. Hunt. Qlik’s data integration and quality solutions leverage AI to automate data delivery and transformation, reducing complexity and risk. This includes AI-enhanced data quality diagnostics, connectors to key AI infrastructure, and the reduction of manual coding through prompt-based custom SQL transformation logic generation.
  2. Discovering and acting on insights through AI-enhanced analytics, which includes AI-assisted analytics capabilities for organizations like CaixaBank and Intuit. Qlik’s Insight Advisor, an analytics AI assistant, provides answers in multiple languages, while OpenAI connectors extend the reach of generative AI to Qlik analytics. New native AI features are introduced, such as auto-generated visualizations, natural language insights, key driver analysis, AI-assisted script generation, AI-generated insights, and a Generative AI Support Chatbot.
  3. Building and deploying AI for advanced use cases, with customers like Ohio State University Physicians, Inc. and Appalachian Regional Healthcare System using Qlik AutoML™ to expand AI’s impact. Qlik AutoML now includes feature engineering to accelerate data transformation and enhance model accuracy.

Nick Parrotta, President of Digital Transformation Solutions and Chief Digital and Information Officer at HARMAN, expressed enthusiasm for Qlik Staige, emphasizing how it complements their approach to delivering practical AI solutions to customers.

Dan Vesset, Group Vice President of the Analytics and Information Management market research and advisory practice at IDC, noted that Qlik’s approach of integrating AI into their offerings while maintaining a cloud-agnostic approach aligns with enterprises’ desire for easily deployable, trusted AI capabilities.

Qlik’s launch of Qlik Staige™ marks a significant leap forward in the realm of AI integration for organizations seeking a competitive edge. By providing a comprehensive suite of solutions that address the challenges of AI adoption, Qlik is empowering its customers to confidently embrace AI and unlock its transformative potential. With a focus on building trusted data foundations, enhancing analytics with AI, and facilitating the deployment of AI for advanced use cases, Qlik Staige is poised to drive real-world AI solutions that meet the diverse needs of today’s businesses. As Qlik continues to lead the way in democratizing AI, organizations can look forward to a future where harnessing the power of AI is not just a promise but a reality that drives innovation, efficiency, and success across their entire enterprise.

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