Project G: Geotab’s Game-Changing AI Advancements in Southeast Asian Transportation

Discover how Geotab’s Project G, powered by Generative AI, is revolutionizing the Southeast Asian transportation industry. Explore its innovative approach to fleet optimization, data privacy, and sustainable practices in this insightful article.

Geotab, a leading global provider of connected transportation solutions, is elevating the data experience in Southeast Asia (SEA) by introducing groundbreaking capabilities. Today, the company has unveiled the beta launch of Project G, which sets a new benchmark for the industry. This initiative empowers participating customers in Australia, granting them effortless access to on-demand insights regarding vehicle performance, efficiency, and sustainability. From tracking idling times to making fuel economy comparisons, evaluating vehicle usage, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and more, Project G delivers comprehensive, easily digestible information.

By harnessing the potential of natural language models, Project G significantly reduces the time required for customers to gain insights and simplifies the process of analyzing fleet data. Importantly, Project G adheres to privacy-by-design principles, ensuring that all customer telematics data remains within Geotab’s secure environment and is never shared with any Large Language Model (LLM).

According to Mike Branch, Vice President of Data & Analytics at Geotab, “With Project G, we are taking a substantial step forward in showcasing the impact of Generative AI within the connected transportation landscape. Our reputation as leaders in data intelligence and AI, built on years of leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning models, uniquely positions us to analyze vast amounts of fleet data, detect patterns, and generate invaluable recommendations for optimizing operational efficiency and performance.”

David Brown, Assistant VP, APAC, Geotab, adds, “As we introduce Project G to Southeast Asia, we embark on a transformative journey that blends Generative AI technology with the distinct transportation landscape of our region. This beta project underscores Geotab’s dedication to offering innovative solutions that empower businesses throughout Southeast Asia to seamlessly optimize their fleet operations. Project G opens doors to actionable insights, harnessing Generative AI to enhance vehicle performance, operational efficiency, and sustainability, ultimately shaping the future of connected transportation in SEA.”

Over the past year, Generative AI has garnered significant attention, with organizations worldwide exploring its potential to enhance customer experiences and drive operational efficiencies. Statista predicts an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2030) of 27.33% for Generative AI, resulting in a market volume of US$8 billion by 2030 in SEA. Additionally, a study by IDC reveals a remarkable surge in AI adoption in 2023, with 76% of businesses now utilizing AI.

Geotab, with its extensive history of AI innovation, leverages its expertise in the beta project. Processing over 55 billion data points daily across more than 3.7 million connected vehicles, Geotab leads the way in this transformative technology. With one of the industry’s largest data science teams dedicated to data and artificial intelligence and a global presence spanning 165 countries, including five in SEA (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines), Geotab possesses the expertise and scale necessary to train powerful AI models, delivering unprecedented value and efficiency for its customers.

Mike Branch further states, “The beta project represents an exciting collaboration with select customers. We align real-world requirements and challenges with data science expertise to learn, adapt, and enhance capabilities. The possibilities are boundless, and we remain committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that make data easily accessible for our customers.”

Geotab’s Project G marks a significant milestone in the world of connected transportation solutions, bringing cutting-edge Generative AI technology to Southeast Asia. With a commitment to data privacy, innovation, and a strong track record in AI, Geotab is poised to transform the way businesses optimize their fleet operations in the region. As the world embraces the potential of Generative AI, Project G not only sets new industry standards but also paves the way for a more sustainable, efficient, and data-driven future in Southeast Asia’s transportation landscape. The possibilities are endless, and Geotab’s dedication to delivering actionable insights and accessible data remains unwavering, ensuring a brighter and smarter future for connected transportation in SEA.

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