Transforming Food & Beverage IT

Discover how Kyndryl and BreadTalk Group are revolutionizing IT infrastructure for global expansion and sustainability in the food and beverage industry. Explore their strategic partnership’s impact on modernization and efficiency.

Kyndryl (NYSE: KD), the largest provider of IT infrastructure services worldwide, has expanded its existing collaboration with BreadTalk Group to enhance the firm’s infrastructure and scalability. This enhanced partnership involves the implementation of a centralized IT infrastructure control system for BreadTalk Group, leveraging AWS cloud technology to streamline the management of various applications across different business segments, spanning multiple cloud platforms and on-premises environments.

“BreadTalk Group stands proud as a household brand in the global arena, and we are delighted to partner with Kyndryl on our transformative journey as we continue to drive sustainable development through the migration of technologies. As we modernize our IT infrastructure with Kyndryl’s strategic guidance coupled with AWS’ leading technologies, we are confident that this strategic investment will be able to create meaningful value for the Group and for our customers and employees”. – Mr. Lim Eng ThaiVice President of Information TechnologyBreadTalk Group.

BreadTalk, originally founded in 2000 as an innovative bakery brand, has experienced remarkable growth and evolved into an award-winning multi-brand food and beverage company with a global presence in bakery, restaurant, and food atrium spaces. Currently, the Group operates nearly 700 establishments across 16 markets, including Greater China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and India.

Strategic partners like Kyndryl and AWS play a crucial role in supporting BreadTalk Group’s journey towards IT modernization and global expansion.

This partnership empowers the company to upgrade its IT architecture in an era marked by significant change, particularly within the food and beverage sector as it adapts to meet evolving digital and sustainability goals on a global scale. Working closely with Kyndryl, BreadTalk Group has recently transitioned its workloads to the AWS cloud, marking the initial steps toward transforming mission-critical systems into a modern and flexible cloud environment.

Since 2021, Kyndryl has continuously strived to enhance BreadTalk Group’s processes and build an efficient data management system to manage its workflow. Kyndryl and BreadTalk Group have worked together to adopt managed services for business-critical processes while formulating strategies to modernize BreadTalk Group’s data infrastructure. This modernized cloud strategy, combined with Kyndryl’s advanced expertise in identifying the right tech stack for BreadTalk Group, will lay the foundation for a resilient and optimal solution that will improve workforce efficiency, enhance security measures, and enable better operational control for the company. 

“Kyndryl is pleased to continue our partnership with BreadTalk Group as they embark on their modernization journey. By providing our expertise in cloud migration and offering top-notch managed services, we aim to enable seamless scalability, enhanced cost-efficiency, and unparalleled performance, propelling the business to new heights of success. With our collaborative efforts, we are confident that BreadTalk Group will remain at the forefront of an increasingly competitive business landscape”, Andrew Lim, Managing Director, Kyndryl ASEAN. 

The expanded partnership between Kyndryl and BreadTalk Group represents a significant step forward in the realm of IT modernization and global expansion for the food and beverage industry. As BreadTalk Group continues to evolve and adapt to the digital and sustainability demands of our time, the support of strategic partners like Kyndryl and the cutting-edge capabilities of AWS cloud technology will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in achieving their ambitions. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and a shared vision for a more connected and sustainable future, this partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration in navigating the transformative journey ahead. Together, they are poised to usher in a new era of efficiency, scalability, and excellence in IT infrastructure services, setting a compelling precedent for the industry as a whole.