CIO World Asia X Telstra Executive Forum: How Can You Secure Your Digital Transformation Process?

In today’s digitally interconnected world, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been more critical. On August 17, 2023, CIO World Asia and Telstra proudly presented the “Zero Trust Security Approach to enhance cyber resilience: Securing Your Digital Transformation” event. This forum brought together cybersecurity experts, thought leaders, and industry professionals to delve into the world of Zero Trust Security and its pivotal role in safeguarding digital transformations.

In an era where organisations face escalating cyber threats that endanger sensitive data and operational integrity, the event aimed to equip attendees with an extensive understanding of the Zero Trust model. Esteemed cybersecurity professionals delved into the principles, strategies, and benefits of implementing a Zero Trust Security approach. Engaging presentations, interactive discussions, and real-world case studies showcased successful deployments, emphasising how Zero Trust can secure digital transformation endeavours, regardless of an organisation’s size or industry.

Unique Highlight of the Event

In a departure from the standard event format, attendees were offered the opportunity to customise their learning experience by participating in four engaging Breakout Sessions:

Group 1 – Securing Your Digital Identities

In today’s world, ensuring the security of your organisation is paramount. But how can you strike the delicate balance between security and providing seamless access to employees? Gireesh P K, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Security, guided participants through an exploration of managing identities at scale and ensuring the right people have the right access, all while delivering a seamless employee experience.

Group 2 – Securing Your Data/Applications

With the rise of the hybrid workforce, organisations face new challenges in identifying, repairing, and protecting against vulnerabilities in applications and data. Elliott Callaghan, Head of Security Advisory (South Asia), Telstra Purple, took attendees through best practices, governance, compliance, and the business impact of not having the right strategy in place. Cyberattacks targeting applications have surged, making this session a timely and crucial addition to the event.

Group 3 – Securing Your Network and Infrastructure

As per Gartner, an astounding 70% of new remote access deployments will be predominantly served by zero trust network access. In a world where cloud services are integral to 95% of organisations, Rupanjana Mukherjee, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft emphasised the significance of protecting networks and cloud applications to safeguard valuable data and ensure uninterrupted productivity.

Group 4 – Enhancing the Resiliency of Your Security Operations

Recent studies revealed that organisations using these services detect threats 66% faster and respond 95% more swiftly. Jerry Arulandu, a Security Solutions Specialist from Telstra (South Asia), urged attendees to evaluate their security operation practices and gain insights into detection, monitoring, alerts, incident management, and their integration.

Whether an IT professional, cybersecurity expert, or business leader, the “Zero Trust Security Approach to enhance cyber resilience” event was a must-attend for those concerned about safeguarding digital assets. Together, we explored the world of Zero Trust Security, equipping ourselves with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively secure our digital transformations.