Empowering Cyber Resilience by Unveiling Game-Changing Ransomware Protection Features

Discover Nutanix’s cutting-edge ransomware protection features, offering rapid detection and 1-click recovery to bolster your organization’s cyber resilience. Safeguard your critical data with Nutanix Cloud Platform.

Nutanix, a prominent player in the realm of hybrid multicloud computing, has unveiled new features within the Nutanix Cloud Platform designed to bolster organizations’ cyber resilience against ransomware attacks targeting unstructured data. These fresh enhancements, now accessible in Nutanix Data Lens™ and Nutanix Unified Storage™ solutions, empower organizations to swiftly detect threats, defend against further damage, and commence a 1-click recovery process within a mere 20 minutes of exposure. These features build upon the robustness of the Nutanix Cloud Platform, fortifying its ability to safeguard and secure customers’ most sensitive data across various cloud environments.

Ransomware remains a top concern for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) worldwide. Astonishingly, 93% of organizations acknowledge the need for improved preparedness, as highlighted in the Enterprise Cloud Index. The urgency of detecting threats has amplified, given that the average duration of ransomware attacks has surged by 94%. Threat actors have become more proficient at breaching systems, exfiltrating data, and deploying ransomware payloads, jeopardizing critical data. Prompt data recovery is equally paramount, as typical recovery times often stretch into days or even weeks, and incomplete recovery can disrupt operations long after the attack subsides.

Scott Sinclair, Practice Director at the Enterprise Strategy Group, observed, “Swift detection and rapid recovery are two pivotal components in effective ransomware preparedness, but many organizations struggle, particularly when managing data across multiple cloud platforms. With Nutanix Data Lens and Nutanix Unified Storage, the Nutanix Cloud Platform now offers a 20-minute detection window and 1-click recovery, seamlessly integrating cyber resilience at the unstructured data layer to streamline the process and accelerate both detection and recovery.”

Nutanix Data Lens serves as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for data security, proactively assessing and mitigating risks associated with unstructured data security and compliance. Its latest features include:

  1. Ransomware Detection and Blocking within 20 Minutes: Rapid detection, coupled with automated response mechanisms, swiftly thwarts ransomware attacks, minimizing data damage and enhancing overall security.
  2. Ransomware 1-Click Recovery: Nutanix Data Lens and Nutanix Unified Storage will identify the most recent uncorrupted snapshot and automatically restore data from it. Customers can choose between automated recovery or a guided manual recovery process to expedite the return to normal operations.
  3. Permission Visibility and Risk Visualization: This functionality empowers customers to gain a clearer understanding of intricate permission structures, audit configurations, and risk assessment. Ensuring that data access aligns with business requirements is essential for minimizing data loss, complying with regulations, and mitigating the impact of attacks.

Thomas Cornely, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Nutanix, remarked, “Numerous organizations grapple with the complexities of data protection across various storage silos and cloud environments, particularly concerning data governance and security. With these new ransomware detection and recovery features, the Nutanix Cloud Platform delivers native ransomware protection, comprehensive data visibility, and automated data governance for Nutanix Files and Objects across diverse cloud ecosystems, simplifying data protection and enhancing an organization’s cyber resilience.”

Michael Magura, Vice President of Partner Sales for the Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) region at Nutanix, emphasized, “Given the escalating ransomware threat, organizations are actively working to fortify their cyber resilience to ensure that their systems remain resilient during an attack. By incorporating ransomware protection features at the unstructured data layer of the Nutanix Cloud Platform, we are making it more accessible for partners to provide robust ransomware protection to their customers, with accelerated detection and recovery capabilities in the event of an attack.”

Notably, Nutanix Data Lens now extends its support to Nutanix Objects, ensuring that customers utilizing object storage can access the same intelligence, insights, and forensic capabilities available for Nutanix Files™ and Nutanix Objects™ solutions. This extension enables customers to minimize security and regulatory risks, further streamlining their journey towards integrated data management across diverse cloud environments.

These novel capabilities complement the Nutanix Cloud Platform’s intrinsic networking and security features, which span various cloud environments. The Nutanix Cloud Platform offers built-in cyber resilience capabilities, encompassing automated platform hardening with one-click data encryption, secure network policies, application microsegmentation, and ransomware data protections. These enhancements bolster an organization’s overall security posture, safeguarding both data and applications across on-premises infrastructure, public clouds, and edge computing environments.

Nutanix customers have shared their experiences:

  • Robert Pohjanen, IT Architect at LKAB, emphasized the significance of understanding data access to ensure data security and appropriate usage. Tools like Data Lens provide vital insights to monitor and protect data from misuse or malicious attacks, offering essential forensics and access risk views.
  • Brunno Amado da Silva Vieira, Senior IT Infrastructure Analyst at Unimed Belém Medical Work Cooperative, recounted their ransomware encounter and how Nutanix technology facilitated a swift recovery of critical applications, ultimately leading them to transition their workloads away from legacy technology in favor of Nutanix.

In summary, Nutanix’s latest enhancements in the Nutanix Cloud Platform demonstrate the company’s commitment to fortifying cyber resilience and security, particularly in the face of the growing ransomware threat landscape. These features offer organizations the tools and capabilities they need to detect, defend against, and recover from ransomware attacks swiftly and efficiently, ensuring the safety and integrity of their valuable data assets.