Unleash Cybersecurity Excellence with Hackuity 2.0

Discover the power of Hackuity 2.0 – the ultimate solution for precise cybersecurity risk management. Boost your defenses with TRS technology and smart integrations.

Hackuity, the provider of risk-based vulnerability management solutions, has officially announced the release of Hackuity 2.0, their next-generation platform. This new iteration comes with significant enhancements designed to provide even greater support to organizations in the critical task of prioritizing and managing cybersecurity risks.

Hackuity’s intelligent Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) platform incorporates threat intelligence, vulnerability severity, and specific business context to deliver a quantified and measurable ‘True Risk Score’ (TRS), which has been further refined for improved accuracy. This TRS empowers IT teams to efficiently prioritize threat remediation, addressing vulnerabilities in a way that aligns with their specific attack surfaces and allocates resources where they are needed most.

Sylvain Cortes, VP of Strategy at Hackuity, expressed the increasing pressure on security teams to swiftly assess vulnerabilities in the face of a growing number of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) and a shortage of cybersecurity talent. He highlighted that Hackuity 2.0 aims to aid organizations in strengthening their cybersecurity posture by making the process of threat prioritization and attack surface management more understandable.

The release of Hackuity 2.0 is timely, as the number of detected CVEs continues to rise year after year. In the previous year, the Asia Pacific (APAC) region was particularly vulnerable, accounting for 31% of global cyberattacks. These attacks primarily targeted computers, servers, and network equipment. Additionally, 22% of attackers successfully exploited web resources through known vulnerabilities or compromised credentials, highlighting the importance of early detection, risk assessment, and prioritization.

Hackuity 2.0 introduces several key advancements to help security teams address these challenges:

  1. Greater Clarity and Reduced CVSS Noise: The True Risk Score (TRS) technology significantly reduces the volume of findings and decreases the ‘noise’ associated with Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) by 96%. Users can seamlessly switch between Legacy CVSS and TRS scoring for a more precise risk assessment.
  2. Comprehensive CVE Context: The platform provides a comprehensive risk assessment of vulnerabilities through an extensive CVE database, Smart Exposure Explorer (SmartEx²) for contextual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and improved granularity with Threat Bots using Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) data.
  3. Enhanced Remediation Features: Team management is simplified, and the scalability of vulnerability fixes is improved through the application of role-based access models for remediation campaigns.
  4. Revamped User Interface: A modern, user-friendly interface is introduced, aligning with Hackuity’s forward-thinking identity.
  5. New Connectors: The platform includes new connectors for popular cloud security solutions like Wiz, Prisma Cloud, and IoT/OT solution Claroty, among others.
  6. SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance: Hackuity has achieved SOC 2, Type 1 certification, underscoring their commitment and ability to secure client data.

Cortes emphasized that this launch represents a significant evolution in the platform and equips teams with new capabilities to confidently focus on the most crucial risks for their business. With the growing number of vulnerabilities, achieving a clear and comprehensive view of all cybersecurity risks on a single pane is more vital than ever.

Hackuity’s RBVM platform unifies and interprets data from over 70 leading cybersecurity tools, providing a consolidated view for mapping threat exposure. Their proprietary TRS algorithm substantially reduces the number of critical vulnerabilities requiring immediate attention and automates vulnerability-related tasks to streamline operations.

Looking forward, Hackuity is capitalizing on the competitive advantages offered by its Attack Path Monitoring project’s innovative solutions. The company’s goal is to expand its international presence, targeting over 50% of its business internationally by the end of 2024 and solidifying its position as a leader in the global RBVM market.

The launch of Hackuity 2.0 marks a significant leap forward in the realm of cybersecurity risk management. As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve and expand, organizations face growing challenges in safeguarding their digital assets. Hackuity’s latest platform equips them with a powerful arsenal of tools, from the refined True Risk Score (TRS) technology to an enhanced user interface and a wealth of integrations. With a focus on clarity, precision, and adaptability, Hackuity 2.0 empowers security teams to tackle the complexities of modern cyber threats with confidence. By aiding organizations in prioritizing and addressing the risks that truly matter, Hackuity is not only making cybersecurity more accessible but is also helping to set new standards in the global RBVM market.