Empower Your Security Strategy

Discover Check Point’s Horizon Playblocks – a revolutionary collaborative security platform. Automate, consolidate, and fortify your defenses against evolving cyber threats.

Faced with the ongoing threat of rapidly spreading cyberattacks and the relentless persistence of attackers employing multiple attack vectors, Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. has introduced Check Point Horizon Playblocks, a security automation and collaboration platform. This innovative platform is designed to automatically contain and prevent cyberattacks from proliferating by facilitating cooperation among security personnel, processes, and technologies. Horizon is Check Point’s security operations suite with a prevention-first approach, encompassing services like Managed Detection/Prevention and Response (MDR/MPR) SOC service, the Extended Detection/Prevention and Response (XDR/XPR) SOC platform, and the newly launched Playblocks, which serves as a collaborative security platform for security teams.

In an environment where the volume of security alerts and events is on the rise and there is a shortage of skilled security professionals, security teams are grappling with the challenge of managing manual updates and patching vulnerabilities across diverse security products within large network enterprises. Traditional security models operate within individual silos, assuming threats are confined to those specific areas. Horizon Playblocks strengthens security by fostering collaboration between products, people, and processes, ensuring a coordinated approach to thwarting the spread of cyberattacks. It revolutionizes security strategies by enabling a holistic, collaborative method. Whenever a security product detects a potential threat at any enforcement point, it triggers preventive measures across the entire security infrastructure, encompassing all security solutions and facilitating alerting the necessary teams.

Nataly Kremer, Chief Product Officer and Head of R&D at Check Point Software Technologies, described Horizon Playblocks as the embodiment of collaborative security, where people, processes, and technologies come together to offer intuitive, consolidated, and automated defense mechanisms. It can be best understood as an “instinctive” security solution capable of instantly blocking and preventing the spread of attacks throughout an organization through its unique combination of immediate response, automatic updates, and third-party integration.

Key features of Horizon Playblocks include:

  1. Collaborative: Playblocks triggers responses at all security enforcement points in the event of an attack, using predefined prevention playbooks to swiftly detect and prevent attacks from spreading. Seamless integration with Check Point’s Quantum and Harmony (Endpoint, Mobile) strengthens this collaborative defense mechanism, ensuring that threats are contained across the entire security landscape.
  2. Consolidated: Serving as a unified security infrastructure, Horizon Playblocks offers a consolidated shield covering both Check Point and third-party products. This unity ensures that all operational and security tools work in harmony, providing a robust defense against cyber threats.
  3. Automatic: The platform can be deployed in under five minutes, utilizing playbooks that deliver automatic policy and rule updates without the need for manual intervention. With 25 advanced out-of-the-box playbooks catering to various security needs, Playblocks can automate actions such as blocking IPs across enforcement points and quarantining internal threats, and can automatically assign zero-trust security policies to devices.

Plamen Todorov, Senior Information Technology Specialist at MOTORTECH GmbH, expressed the value of Playblocks in automating preventative actions, reducing manual work, and enhancing the safety of teams and data. He highlighted the collaborative nature of the platform as a game-changer, enabling all security products to work in sync to achieve a level of security that was previously unattainable.

Michael Suby, IDC Research Vice President, Security & Trust, emphasized the importance of automation in cybersecurity, noting that attackers rely on time as their biggest advantage. By harnessing the preventative capabilities of all security products within an environment, the Playblocks platform streamlines the automation of critical actions across multiple tools, allowing SOC analysts to focus on where they can be most effective in defending against threats.

In an era where cyber threats are evolving at an unprecedented pace, Check Point’s Horizon Playblocks emerges as a beacon of collaborative security innovation. By uniting people, processes, and cutting-edge technologies, this platform fortifies our defenses against the relentless tide of cyberattacks. With its ability to automate and consolidate security efforts across diverse enforcement points, Playblocks empowers organizations to respond swiftly and decisively. It is a testament to the cybersecurity industry’s commitment to staying ahead of the game, ensuring that we are well-equipped to protect critical systems and data in the digital age. Horizon Playblocks represents not only the future of security but a crucial step towards securing our interconnected world.