Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture in Singapore

Pioneering sustainable agriculture in Singapore: Artisan Green and Siemens partner to revolutionize farming with cutting-edge technology.

Artisan Green, a leading modern indoor hydroponics farm in Singapore, has teamed up with the technology giant Siemens to pioneer an integrated Farm Management System aimed at accelerating farming practices throughout the nation. The goal is to enhance the country’s food security and build a more resilient food future.

Founded in 2018, Artisan Green has leveraged vertical farming technology to ensure year-round production of crops, guaranteeing a consistent supply of fresh produce to 41 supermarkets across the island and online platforms such as Redmart and GrabFood. In alignment with Singapore’s ’30 by 30′ initiative, this new integrated farming system is expected to significantly improve crop quality and yield, with a monthly production capacity of 25 tonnes of greens. This will result in a monthly supply of over 134,000 meals featuring leafy green vegetables.

The partnership was formalized with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during the Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific 2023 (ITAP) conference.

Isabel Chong, Head of Siemens Digital Industries in ASEAN, emphasized the need for innovative, technology-driven farming methods to address Singapore’s heavy dependence on food imports, which currently account for more than 90% of the nation’s food supply. She highlighted the risks posed by factors like population growth, urbanization, climate change, and unexpected events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The integration of automation and digitalization is seen as crucial to producing more food with fewer resources and on a local scale.

The partnership will focus on utilizing automation, digitalization, and plant science to advance sustainable farming at Artisan Green.

Enhancing Crop Quality and Efficiency with the Farm Management System

Powered by Siemens technologies, Artisan Green will have precise control over its hydroponic system, enabling the following capabilities:

  1. Remote access and monitoring of farm operations for optimal and secure adjustment of growing parameters to ensure high-quality crop production.
  2. An integrated recipe control system that facilitates the selection of cultivation programs for different crops, managing variables like lighting intensity, irrigation schedules, nutritional requirements, and temperature to improve resource efficiency and reduce the risk of crop diseases and pests.
  3. Improved sales planning and scheduling to meet demand efficiently and optimize seeding and growing tasks.

These technologies will result in a remarkable 25-fold increase in Artisan Green’s yield of leafy vegetables and herbs, a substantial 95% reduction in water usage compared to traditional farming, a reduced carbon footprint in the farm-to-table process, and the elimination of the need for pesticides.

Elevating Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Agriculture

Artisan Green will utilize a range of advanced technologies, including its proprietary Precision Nutrient Injector, a Chilled Water cooling system, and Siemens’ energy management software. This will reduce energy consumption in traditional indoor growing systems by half, with the new farm projected to operate at only 15 kWh per kilogram of produce. This surpasses the Clean & Green standards set by the Singapore Food Agency.

Ray Poh, Founder of Artisan Green, emphasized the significance of this partnership in advancing the local vertical farming industry. He anticipates that Siemens’ technological capabilities will lead to greater efficiency in manpower across operations, business planning, and research and development, resulting in higher production volumes at a lower operating cost. The ultimate goal is to provide fresh, high-quality local produce at affordable prices for the people of Singapore and set a new benchmark for hydroponics and high-tech agriculture.

The collaboration between Artisan Green and Siemens represents a major step forward in Singapore’s journey toward sustainable and resilient agriculture.

The partnership between Artisan Green and Siemens stands as a shining example of innovation and sustainability in Singapore’s agriculture sector. By integrating cutting-edge technology and smart farming practices, they are not only addressing the nation’s food security concerns but also setting a global standard for eco-friendly and efficient agriculture. This collaborative effort marks a significant milestone on the path to a more resilient and self-sufficient food future for Singapore, ultimately benefiting both the environment and its citizens through the provision of high-quality, locally grown produce. It is a testament to what can be achieved when the forces of technology and agriculture join hands to shape a greener and more prosperous future.