Innovation to Shape the Future of Tech

Discover OutSystems’ cutting-edge innovations in high-performance, low-code application development at NextStep Exec 2023.

OutSystems, a leading global player in high-performance application development, recently convened its NextStep Exec event in Singapore. The event attracted a diverse array of customers from various industries across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. This gathering offered an exclusive insight into the latest advancements within the OutSystems platform, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among customers and industry leaders. These interactions encompassed discussions of customer use cases, applications, and business scenarios that fuel innovation and ensure a high-performance, low-code-driven return on investment (ROI).

The conference unveiled a sneak peek into OutSystems’ future plans and innovations for the OutSystems Platform:

  1. Project Morpheus Updates: OutSystems has refreshed its AI roadmap, introducing a comprehensive data fabric. This enhancement enables customers to seamlessly access and integrate data from diverse sources, irrespective of location or format. Such a development empowers customers to construct more intelligent and data-centric applications.
  2. OutSystems Developer Cloud: The OutSystems cloud-native development platform now incorporates additional features related to observability and monitoring. This furnishes customers with enhanced visibility into their applications, facilitating quicker issue identification and resolution.

OutSystems also shared significant milestones achieved since its inception in 2001, with a particular focus on endeavors since 2018 to harness AI for expert-level support across crucial stages of the software development process. The company underscored its dedication to building future systems characterized by extreme composability and agility, empowering enterprises to innovate and adeptly respond to the swiftly evolving digital landscape.

Paulo Rosado, Founder and CEO of OutSystems, expressed, “During our decade-long presence in Singapore, we have witnessed substantial market expansion and the widespread adoption of low-code technology throughout APAC. The successes of our customers motivate us to persistently innovate and invest in our solutions. With AI leading the way in technological innovation, we are committed to being at the forefront of AI-driven application development, delivering substantial improvements in code quality and overall development efficiency. Our commitment remains strong in providing enterprise-grade capabilities to assist customers in achieving their business objectives and creating world-class mobile and web applications that enhance customer satisfaction.”

The conference also featured testimonials from OutSystems customers, including Roche, City Development Limited, Dynamik Technologies, and Resolution Life Australia. These companies highlighted pressing concerns faced by IT leaders today and how low-code technology empowered them to modernize legacy systems, enhance talent management, and drive incremental productivity and operational efficiency.

NextStep Exec 2023 Singapore was an undeniable success, shedding light on the latest innovations from OutSystems and the potential of high-performance low-code solutions in aiding businesses to innovate and attain their business goals. OutSystems remains steadfast in its commitment to assisting customers on their digital transformation journeys and enabling the creation of top-tier applications that drive customer satisfaction.

OutSystems’ NextStep Exec 2023 event in Singapore was a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of high-performance, low-code application development. With a focus on AI-driven innovations and a dedication to empowering enterprises, the conference showcased the remarkable progress made in the field of software development. OutSystems’ continued support for its customers’ digital transformation journeys and its promise to create world-class applications that enhance customer satisfaction underline its pivotal role in shaping the future of technology. As we move forward, OutSystems stands as a beacon of innovation, ready to lead the way in the dynamic landscape of application development and drive excellence across industries.