Unleashing Innovation for a Sustainable Future

Discover Siemens’ innovative solutions for sustainable digital transformation at ITAP 2023. Explore Siemens Xcelerator, automation, and more.

Siemens is actively participating in the 2023 edition of the Industrial Transformation ASIA PACIFIC (ITAP) event, held in Singapore from October 18 to 20, 2023. The theme for their involvement in this event is “Accelerate Digital Transformation for a Sustainable Tomorrow.” Siemens aims to exhibit how its open digital business platform, Siemens Xcelerator, offers new solutions that empower businesses of all sizes in the ASEAN region to transform into Digital Enterprises. This transformation is aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, reducing carbon footprints, and bolstering resilience.

The company will illustrate the potential of automation and digitalization through a concrete example, Artisan Green, a modern indoor hydroponics farm in Singapore. Siemens will showcase how these technologies can optimize vertical farming operations, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future for food production. Furthermore, Siemens will introduce the winners of the Siemens Industrial Edge Competition 2023, who will present their innovative industrial applications. Throughout the event, Siemens will feature a live stage program with the participation of key members of the company’s ASEAN senior leadership team.

Isabel Chong, the Head of Digital Industries for ASEAN at Siemens, emphasized the challenges in today’s industrial landscape, including cost pressures, rapid innovation cycles, supply chain disruptions, talent competition, cybersecurity, and the pressing issue of climate change. A significant portion of global carbon emissions still originates from industrial production, making it imperative for the industry to take an active role in addressing these issues. Automation, digitalization, and innovative electrification are seen as the initial steps toward more sustainable business operations, and Siemens is committed to accelerating these changes, as showcased at ITAP 2023.

With the ASEAN region’s digital economy expected to reach $2 trillion by 2030, the digital transformation of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the region has become a critical priority. Achieving this transformation necessitates collaboration between the government and the private sector across various sectors while prioritizing sustainability. Advanced technologies, reliable technology partnerships, and access to suitable tech talent are vital components of this transformation.

Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital business platform, offers a carefully curated collection of Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled hardware and software, an extensive partner network, and a marketplace. This platform supports companies of all sizes in their journey of digital transformation. Notably, ITAP 2023 will introduce several key aspects of Siemens Xcelerator for the first time in the ASEAN region, including:

  1. Industrial Operations X: This integrates information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) to enhance the flexibility of industrial customers in production, enabling them to respond swiftly to changes along the entire value chain. This facilitates faster ideation and implementation, cross-disciplinary collaboration, improved operational decision-making, and easier scalability.
  2. Sinamics G220: This high-performing and energy-efficient system includes innovative frequency converters with clean power technology, significantly reducing harmonics by up to 97 percent without the need for additional harmonic chokes. This not only improves space efficiency but also simplifies engineering and operation.

Siemens, in collaboration with Artisan Green, will present their efforts to digitize vertical farming in Singapore, implementing a scalable integrated Farm Management System at ITAP 2023. The primary objective is to utilize automation, digitalization, and a strong emphasis on plant science and data transparency to advance sustainable farming practices. This contributes to Singapore’s goal of producing 30 percent of its nutritional needs locally and sustainably by 2030, known as the ’30 by 30′ initiative.

In addition to these initiatives, Siemens organized the Siemens Industrial Edge Competition 2023 to support Singapore’s technological advancement and nurture the next generation of industrial talent. The competition challenged tertiary students in Singapore to develop practical mobile and web applications addressing real-world problems using Siemens Industrial Edge, an open and ready-to-use edge computing platform designed to unlock the full potential of machine and plant data. Siemens has invited the winning teams from ITE College East, Temasek Polytechnic, and the National University of Singapore to showcase their work at its booth, promoting innovation and collaboration in the industrial sector.

Siemens’ active participation in the Industrial Transformation ASIA PACIFIC 2023 event embodies a commitment to driving sustainable digital transformation across the ASEAN region. Their showcase of Siemens Xcelerator, along with groundbreaking innovations like Industrial Operations X and Sinamics G220, offers a glimpse into the future of digital enterprises. By collaborating with Artisan Green, they are also paving the way for more sustainable food production in Singapore. Additionally, through the Siemens Industrial Edge Competition, they are nurturing the next generation of industrial talent. This collective effort not only underscores Siemens’ dedication to promoting innovation and resilience but also highlights the crucial role that automation, digitalization, and electrification play in addressing global challenges, including climate change. As we move toward a more digitally connected and sustainable future, Siemens stands as a pioneering force in shaping this transformative journey.