Revolutionizing Cloud Security: Code to Cloud Intelligence

Discover how Prisma Cloud’s innovative Code to Cloud intelligence is transforming cloud security. Learn how this unified solution empowers organizations to secure cloud applications, enhance collaboration, and mitigate evolving cybersecurity threats.

Over the past decade, there has been an accelerated adoption of cloud applications by organizations, and this trend is expected to continue. According to Gartner, by 2027, 65% of application workloads will be optimized for cloud delivery, up from 45% in 2022.

Palo Alto Networks, lhas introduced a groundbreaking approach to cloud security as part of the Prisma Cloud Darwin release. This represents a significant milestone in the realm of cloud security, urging organizations to move beyond isolated solutions and embrace a comprehensive strategy that offers a unified view. This approach, known as Code to CloudTM intelligence, allows security and engineering teams to swiftly identify and address security vulnerabilities in code within minutes, rather than the days it might take using conventional methods.

While the cloud provides substantial flexibility and efficiency, it also introduces significant security risks, as evidenced by the fact that 80% of security exposures are detected in cloud environments, according to Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42® Threat Intelligence team. These risks can result in large-scale breaches, and the rate of cloud attacks and the rapid development of cloud applications are surpassing the capabilities of security teams to safeguard their organizations.

Current methods for code-to-cloud security often involve using multiple isolated tools, with the average organization relying on six to ten such tools solely for securing their cloud infrastructure. This fragmented approach not only leaves security postures incomplete but also places a heavy operational burden on security teams.

The new Code to Cloud intelligence offered by Prisma Cloud, recognized as the most comprehensive cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) in the industry, establishes a centralized hub that connects insights from the development environment to application runtime. This allows security teams to contextualize alerts and identify areas requiring remediation. By doing so, it effectively mitigates risks, prevents breaches, enhances the user experience, and fosters collaboration between developers and security teams.

Ankur Shah, Senior Vice President of Prisma Cloud at Palo Alto Networks, emphasized the importance of securing applications from code to cloud, emphasizing the need to identify and address vulnerabilities and misconfigurations originating from the source code. The Darwin release of Prisma Cloud streamlines cloud security, leading to increased productivity and collaboration across code, infrastructure, and runtime security.

Many organizations face a significant disparity between the number of developers and security professionals, often with a ratio of 100 developers to one security expert. This unbalanced equation results in understaffed security teams. The current practice of working in isolation does not ensure comprehensive code-to-cloud security, a problem that is exacerbated as developers increasingly rely on AI to expedite code development. Prisma Cloud, now equipped with Code to Cloud intelligence, bridges the gap by promoting collaboration between developers and security professionals, linking production security issues to specific code remediation recommendations.

Steven Scheurmann, Regional Vice President for ASEAN at Palo Alto Networks, acknowledged the complexity of adapting to the evolving landscape of cloud security, particularly in the public sector. The State of Cybersecurity ASEAN 2023 report revealed that 38% of public sector organizations across ASEAN are facing growing risks through cloud-based services. Overall, 54% of organizations in this sector have experienced an increase in disruptive cybersecurity incidents over the past year. Prisma Cloud’s advanced code-to-cloud intelligence offers enhanced visibility and intelligence during the development cycle, ensuring the security of cloud infrastructure amid the rapid expansion of cloud applications.

Melinda Marks, Practice Director at Enterprise Security Group, highlighted the shortage of cybersecurity skills, especially in the realm of cloud security. This shortage is exacerbated as organizations increasingly rely on cloud services for rapid application development to meet customer needs and drive business growth. At the same time, the threat landscape targeting cloud workloads is evolving rapidly, underscoring the need for effective security solutions that support enhanced development productivity, from code to cloud, enabling security teams to mitigate risks and protect applications, thereby fostering business growth.

Amit Dhawan, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Data Protection Officer (DPO) at Quantiphi, shared their experience in managing a multi-cloud environment. They emphasized the need for a unified solution that enhances security, visibility, assurance, and compliance. Prisma Cloud provides real-time insights into misconfigurations and security, helping organizations in sectors like banking, healthcare, and finance meet stringent compliance standards with ease. Furthermore, Prisma Cloud’s automation streamlines evidence retrieval, a critical aspect for delivery assurance teams, making the process proactive and efficient.

The rapid evolution of cloud technology and the increasing complexity of cybersecurity threats require innovative and unified solutions. Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud, with its groundbreaking Code to Cloud intelligence, is a pivotal step towards securing cloud applications from code development to runtime. By fostering collaboration between developers and security professionals, streamlining security processes, and addressing the challenges posed by the current cybersecurity skills shortage, Prisma Cloud empowers organizations to embrace the full potential of the cloud while safeguarding their critical assets. As the cloud landscape continues to transform, solutions like Prisma Cloud are essential in ensuring the safety, compliance, and productivity of businesses in an increasingly digital world.