Redefining Data Center Security with Innovative Connected Solutions

Explore Juniper Networks’ cutting-edge Connected Security solutions, featuring AI-driven threat prevention and high-performance firewalls. Secure your data in a modern, distributed world with reliability and scalability.

Juniper Networks has unveiled an expansion of its Connected Security portfolio, introducing new products and features designed to empower organizations in extending security services and Zero Trust policies across distributed data center environments. This strategic move addresses the growing challenge of securing business data that is now spread across multiple locations due to the adoption of edge computing, multicloud, 5G, and IoT technologies. Juniper’s goal is to provide a modern data center architecture that emphasizes reliability, scalability, and comprehensive data security.

Key highlights of these enhancements include:

  1. Juniper’s Connected Security Distributed Services Architecture: This groundbreaking architecture separates the forwarding and security service layers, a departure from the conventional practice of combining them in a single firewall appliance. By doing so, customers can leverage their existing Juniper MX series routers as intelligent forwarding engines and load balancers. This innovative design allows for independent scaling, multi-path resiliency, and cost efficiency. The Juniper Security Director Cloud further simplifies the operational experience by centralizing management across various firewall engines.
  2. AI-Predictive Threat Prevention: Leveraging Juniper’s Adaptive Threat Profiling and Encrypted Traffic Insights, the AI-predictive threat prevention system automatically generates customized threat signatures tailored to each customer’s environment, all within a proxy-less framework. With the power of AI, customers gain more effective protection against malware in real-time. Additionally, the enhanced URL filtering solution offers granular control, supporting over 200 categories and 200 languages, alongside a new portal for better insights into web content and easy recategorization. This AI-powered security solution aids in faster threat detection, allowing security experts to focus on strategic tasks.
  3. Four New High-Performance Firewalls: Juniper has introduced four new high-performance firewall platforms, namely the Juniper Networks SRX firewalls (SRX1600, SRX2300, SRX4300, SRX4700). These 1RU-sized devices offer scaling capabilities of up to 1.4 Tbps and come equipped with built-in Zero Trust features. Notably, they deliver the industry’s highest firewall throughput performance per rack unit. These platforms also support wire-speed MACsec and incorporate TPM 2.0 chips with cryptographically signed device IDs. This feature enables security administrators and network operators to remotely verify device trust posture, reducing the risk of supply chain attacks. Furthermore, these firewalls support industry-standard EVPN-VXLAN Type 5 integration, enhancing security operators’ ability to respond swiftly to threats.

By combining these innovations with Juniper’s Connected Security Distributed Services Architecture, customers gain flexible options to securely build and expand their data center architectures while keeping sustainability in mind.

Juniper Networks’ expansion of its Connected Security portfolio represents a significant leap forward in addressing the evolving challenges of data security in an era marked by the proliferation of edge computing, multicloud adoption, 5G, and IoT technologies. These innovative solutions not only decouple forwarding and security layers for greater flexibility but also harness the power of AI for predictive threat prevention, making real-time threat detection more effective. The introduction of high-performance firewalls with Zero Trust capabilities further solidifies Juniper’s commitment to providing reliable and scalable data security. With these advancements, organizations are better equipped to navigate the complex landscape of modern data centers, delivering peace of mind and adaptability in an ever-changing digital world.