Empowering Secure Connectivity

Discover Cisco’s Secure Networking approach for Asia Pacific, blending advanced networking and robust cybersecurity to address the challenges of a hybrid work environment.

Cisco has unveiled its groundbreaking Secure Networking approach for the Asia Pacific region. This innovative solution seamlessly merges advanced networking capabilities with robust cybersecurity features, all based on the principle of zero trust. It’s a response to the increasing cybersecurity risks faced by businesses in today’s hybrid work environment.

The dynamic and constantly evolving threat landscape presents a fundamental challenge for companies: the need to fortify their IT infrastructure to ensure resilience in a world where employees work from diverse locations, use multiple connections, and access information across a variety of platforms. In this context, resiliency becomes paramount. The network assumes a pivotal role as the primary line of defense and the central control point for monitoring all connections, including users, devices, and entities.

Vish Iyer, President of Architectures for Asia Pacific, Japan, and China at Cisco, emphasizes the company’s unique edge in the market – its unparalleled network visibility, enabling comprehensive security for all connected elements. Cisco’s Secure Networking offering consolidates security capabilities, encompassing the implementation of zero trust principles and the enforcement of precise security policies through a unified console.

Vish Iyer adds, “At Cisco, secure networking isn’t merely a concept; it’s a practical experience we provide to our customers, partners, and employees. This launch marks a new era of security-focused networking, bridging Cisco Networking Cloud and Cisco Security Cloud to offer a superior secure connectivity experience.”

Security-Centric Networking for Empowering Hybrid Work

Across the Asia Pacific region, many companies are ill-prepared to tackle the formidable cybersecurity challenge. Cisco’s Cybersecurity Readiness Index, launched earlier this year, indicates that less than 1 in 5 organizations in the Asia Pacific, Japan, and Greater China region have achieved a ‘Mature’ level of readiness, which is crucial for resilience against modern cybersecurity threats. This gap in readiness is significant because 88% of respondents anticipate that a cybersecurity incident will disrupt their businesses within the next 12 to 24 months.

The cost of being unprepared can be substantial, as 62% of survey participants reported experiencing a cybersecurity incident in the last year, with almost half of those affected (45%) estimating a cost of at least US$500,000.

To address contemporary cybersecurity challenges, Cisco acknowledges the need for a networking solution built on the principles of zero trust, network visibility, analytics, and robust enforcement to secure all connections, regardless of their location.

Speaking at a media briefing during the GovWare event, Yoshiyuki Hamada, Managing Director of the Global Security Sales Organization for Asia Pacific, Japan, and China at Cisco, stated, “In our journey through this hybrid world, organizations are under mounting pressure to safeguard their dispersed infrastructure and provide their employees with rapid, dependable, and secure access to applications. Cisco is leading the way in merging networking and security, offering businesses a scalable infrastructure that is more manageable, flexible, secure, and resilient than ever before. We are excited to introduce the Secure Networking solution, enabling organizations to enhance their security posture and securely innovate on a larger scale.”

Cisco’s Secure Networking approach represents a pivotal step forward in addressing the complex and ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. By merging advanced networking capabilities with a stringent commitment to zero trust principles, Cisco is equipping businesses in the Asia Pacific region with the tools they need to navigate the challenges of a hybrid work environment securely. With the cost of unpreparedness being significant and the majority of businesses anticipating cybersecurity incidents in the near future, this innovative solution offers a ray of hope in an increasingly digital world. Cisco’s dedication to bridging the gap between networking and security demonstrates their commitment to empowering organizations to enhance their security posture and innovate with confidence at scale.