Pioneering the Future of Data Centers

Discover cutting-edge data center solutions by CHINT – innovating for a sustainable and high-performance future.

The development of the next-generation data centers has become increasingly intricate. This complexity is driven by the surging demand for computing power, primarily attributed to the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other data-intensive applications. Data centers have also become prime targets for cyberattacks, prompting companies, especially those in the financial technology sector offering services like digital banking, to prioritize robust security measures. Simultaneously, data center operators are seeking strategies to minimize waste production that could have environmental repercussions and to adhere to stringent regulatory requirements.

According to the CBRE’s Global Data Centre Trends 2023 report, Singapore is facing a critical shortage of available capacity, with less than 4 Megawatts and a record-low vacancy rate of under 2%, making it the world’s most power-constrained data center market. As a result, Singapore’s data center market has pushed the demand for IT capacity into nearby regions, such as Johor in Malaysia, creating an urgent need for expertise, experience, and supply in the region to cater to the evolving challenges of constructing next-generation data centers.

During the Data Centre World Asia 2023 event, CHINT showcased their data center solutions, which are designed to meet the power distribution requirements of hyperscale data centers. One notable solution is the EnergiX-P40, a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) certified under the IEC-61439 type test and IEC60068 seismic test. The EnergiX-P40 features up to 144 outgoing circuits, allowing circuit breakers to be replaced without the need to power down the entire PDU. This capability is crucial for data centers and critical infrastructures where uninterrupted operation is imperative, even during maintenance or repairs, ultimately enhancing data center availability and uptime.

Prefabricated substations also play a pivotal role in data center solutions, reducing grid voltage and providing backup power in case of outages. CHINT’s prefabricated substations are constructed in a controlled factory setting and can incorporate lithium battery systems, offering seamless integration with fire protection systems at the data center site. This approach reduces material waste and eliminates the need for on-site customization.

With over 35 years of global experience and a team of top engineers and research scientists spanning more than 140 countries and regions, CHINT is at the forefront of driving transformation in the data center industry.

Er. Lim Say Leong, IEC Ambassador (2018 – 2021) and Technical Director of Asia Pacific at CHINT Global and Sunlight Electrical, emphasized the critical nature of careful planning and design in data center construction. He stressed the importance of considering factors such as optimization, cost-effective materials, and construction methods. Furthermore, the use of prefabricated substations can significantly expedite data center construction, enhance construction quality, and prove cost-effective, especially for hyperscale data centers.

Er. Lim also delivered a presentation at the event, highlighting the interconnected nature of data center infrastructure systems and the means to achieve high-performance networks during construction and operation.

In addition to supplying existing solutions to data center operators, CHINT commits to continuous innovation in collaboration with industry stakeholders to push the boundaries of data center construction in the region.

At the same event, discussions were held by Benjamin Kho, Regional Applications Marketing Manager of Asia Pacific at CHINT Global, Ngo Yun Fun, ENGIE SEA Engineering Manager, and Dr. Yong Rui Yuan from the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association of Singapore. These discussions revolved around the potential of leveraging hydrogen and renewables to transform the energy sector, taking into account economic viability, environmental benefits, and societal implications in the journey toward a low-carbon world.

CHINT’s regional customers and industry stakeholders from Data Centre World Centre Asia 2023 also visited CHINT’s state-of-the-art Innovation Lab at the company’s APAC headquarters in Singapore to explore tailored solutions to meet their unique business needs and sustainability goals.

Concurrently, CHINT hosted the 10th CHINT International Marketing Forum (CIMF) in Shanghai from October 10 to 14, 2023, focusing on analyzing the latest trends in smart energy and CHINT’s carbon-neutral initiatives. Under the theme “Empower a Boundless Energy World,” the event brought together industry experts, including Nan Cunhui, Chairman of CHINT Group; Lily Zhang, President of CHINT Global; Prabhu Ramkumar, Vice President and Head of Sustainability at TÜV SÜD North Asia; Mattie Bekink, China Director of Economist Intelligence Corporate Network; Kenneth Jarrett, Senior Advisor of Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG). Paul Lee, Regional Applications Marketing Manager of Asia Pacific at CHINT Global, also conducted a live demonstration of the EnergiX-P40 for CIMF participants during the Data Centre World Centre Asia 2023.

As CHINT continues to expand its presence in APAC through rapid business expansion plans, the company is gearing up to collaborate with more individuals, businesses, and governments on various projects to innovate smart energy solutions and meet the increasingly complex demands of the smart energy sector.

The landscape of data center construction is evolving rapidly to meet the growing demand for computing power and enhanced security measures. CHINT’s innovative solutions and commitment to sustainability stand as a testament to their dedication in shaping the future of data centers. As they continue to expand their reach and forge partnerships, CHINT is poised to lead the way in reimagining smart energy solutions, paving the path towards more efficient, environmentally-friendly, and high-performing data centers. Their recent engagements and contributions in events like Data Centre World Asia 2023 and the CHINT International Marketing Forum highlight their unwavering commitment to driving positive change in the data center industry, making it clear that the future of data centers will be shaped by innovation, reliability, and sustainability.