Strengthening Cybersecurity with Expanded Infinity Global Services Suite

Check Point boosts cyber defense with expanded Infinity Global Services suite, offering advanced network and cloud security solutions.

Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd., a prominent global cybersecurity solutions provider, has unveiled significant upgrades to its Check Point Infinity Global Services suite. With an urgent need driven by the millions of unfilled cybersecurity positions worldwide and an unprecedented surge in cyber-attacks, businesses are increasingly seeking advanced tools and expertise for managed network security, secure cloud migration, and managed detection and remediation (MDR) services. In response to this demand, Check Point is expanding its Infinity Global Services to encompass new managed security services across networks, the cloud, and security operations.

Since its launch just five months ago, Infinity Global Services has made a remarkable debut, offering more than 30 customized security services to over 2,400 enterprises across the globe. This achievement is underpinned by a team of 400 dedicated security consultants and 150 global security researchers, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. Drawing on three decades of industry knowledge, Infinity Global Services offers a unified IT solution enriched with real-time threat intelligence from ThreatCloud AI. The service is built on four core pillars: Assess, Optimize, Master, and Respond, each tailored to address the diverse challenges in today’s cybersecurity landscape.

The new enhancements to Infinity Global Services include:

  1. New Managed Network Security Service: This service provides a Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) as a service, leveraging expert tools and processes to enhance network security and infrastructure.
  2. New Managed Cloud Security Service: This service offers cloud security experts to facilitate secure cloud migration, improve cloud security posture, and provide managed Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP) services.
  3. Extended Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Capabilities: Expanding Horizon MDR/MPR with Microsoft Sentinel platform capabilities for security analytics, incident detection, and response.

Eitan Lugassi-Gilad, VP, Infinity Global Services at Check Point Software Technologies, stated, “Given the dynamic threat landscape, our focus is on ensuring our customers and partners have access to cutting-edge managed security and cloud services. This expansion not only enhances our service offerings but also strengthens Check Point’s role as a key player in delivering managed security services. We take pride in assisting businesses of all sizes in tackling the intricate challenges of developing a cyber-resiliency strategy and navigating the intricacies of enterprise cloud migrations.”

These new capabilities are announced following Check Point’s recent acquisition of rmsource, a provider of managed security, cloud, and IT services. Founded in 1997 in North Carolina, rmsource brings over 25 years of established processes and expertise in managed cybersecurity services, cloud security, cloud migration, and IT management to the Infinity Global Services portfolio.