MATRIXX Software and CompaxDigital join forces to drive revenue growth for 5G services

Together, the two companies are at the forefront of communication service providers’ 5G business transformation

MATRIXX Software, a global leader in 5G  monetization solutions, today announced its partnership with CompaxDigital, a provider  of cloud-native Business Support Solutions (BSS). The two companies are working with  several European tier-1 operators to deliver a scalable and repeatable blueprint for 5G  business transformation, delivering enhanced customer experience that drives revenue  growth with innovative consumer and enterprise offers. To learn more about the  partnership, read this report by TM Forum to discover why Telefonica Germany selected  MATRIXX and CompaxDigital for their new B2C and B2B stacks.  

To reap the returns on 5G investments, Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) are  transforming how they approach IT infrastructure. Increasingly, CSP’s require modular,  open BSS architectures, favoring the best products on the market and putting an end to  vendor lock-in. Additionally, CSP’s are opting for cloud-native, product-first,  configuration-only solutions in place of customized frameworks to make automation,  customer responsiveness and low-cost experimentation core parts of their business. By  joining CompaxDigital’s Customer and Revenue Management solution with the  MATRIXX Digital Commerce Platform, the two industry leaders are able to provide  unified customer and revenue management and real-time converged charging across all  lines of business and network technologies, including 4G, 5G and fixed networks. 

“Real-time monetization models and digital experiences are essential as organizations  around the world prepare to deliver on the promise of new 5G services,” said Marc Price,  CTO of MATRIXX Software. “Together, MATRIXX and CompaxDigital provide open and  modern solutions that meet our customers’ unique demands for success in the 5G and  cloud era, paving the way for a frictionless customer experience across consumer and  enterprise markets.”

While 5G adoption enables new, value-driven use cases across all market segments,  enterprises in particular are expected to increasingly drive innovation with 5G-enabled  technologies, including augmented and virtual reality, IoT, cloud and edge services.  These new services will not only transform enterprise operations, they are expected to  unlock new B2B2X offerings that only 5G makes possible. CSPs will be a critical enabler  of this new market segment. Together, CompaxDigital and MATRIXX deliver  complementary, cloud native capabilities that support CSP evolution, whether toward  new and complex ecosystem offerings or simplified, automated customer experiences.  

“The collaborative solution we’ve formed with MATRIXX is reflective of how industry  leaders want their architecture to work,” said Robin Laliberté, SVP Global Sales at  CompaxDigital. “Building a modern system requires open engagement and revenue  solutions so customers can speed up their time to market with an iterative, agile delivery  approach that meets their requirements across multiple lines of business. MATRIXX and  CompaxDigital easily integrate to support digital-first experiences.”