Seagate and Phison broaden partnership to bolster portfolio of NVMe SSDs

Companies enhance development and distribution of NVMe SSDs for enterprise storage applications

Seagate® Technology Holdings plc (NASDAQ: STX), a world  leader in mass-data storage infrastructure solutions, and Phison Electronics Corp. (TPEX: 8299),  a global leader in NAND flash controller and storage solutions, announced today plans to expand  their SSD portfolio of next-gen high-performance, high-density enterprise NVMe SSDs. The  new SSDs will help enterprises lower total cost ownership (TCO) through increased storage  density, lower power consumption, and higher performance. The companies also announced that  they have entered a long-term partnership that will strengthen the development cycle and  distribution of enterprise-class SSDs. 

Seagate and Phison have collaborated on Seagate’s mainstream SATA SSD products since 2017.  That close cooperation has continued through the company’s performance-leading line of  FireCuda consumer gaming NVMe PCIe Gen4x4 SSDs and the world’s first purpose-built NAS  NVMe SSDs.  

The partnership will now focus on meeting the evolving global enterprise demand for higher  density, faster, and smarter storage infrastructure needs that complement HDD storage to enable  comprehensive enterprise applications such as hyperscale data center, high-performance  computing and AI.

“We integrated Seagate’s 40-plus years of market-leading enterprise storage expertise with Phison’s nimble ability to create highly customized SSDs to meet the ever-evolving needs of the  enterprise storage market,” said Jeff Fochtman, senior vice president of business and marketing  at Seagate Technology. “Seagate is extremely excited to work with Phison on developing  advanced SSD technology. Our selective focus allows us to serve the broad performance-driven  enterprise SSD market while continuing our leadership in the specialized premium gaming SSD  segment.” 

“Phison is proud to partner with Seagate to expand our enterprise SSD product line,” said  Sebastien Jean, CTO of Phison Electronics. “Our leading in-house ASIC technology, coupled  with engineering excellence, complements Seagate’s deep industry knowledge. In a show of  commitment to this partnership, in 2020 we opened a development center in Broomfield,  Colorado. Together, we will deliver winning solutions for a wide range of applications including Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Storage, and 5G edge computing.”  

Seagate and Phison will work together to strengthen the industry’s enterprise-class SSD product  offerings focusing on best-in-class performance, cost savings, and efficiency. Optimized for  specific workloads, environments, and use cases, each new product will be engineered and  customized to specifically address a customer’s technical needs. 

Detailed product announcements from this partnership will be shared in the summer of 2022.