Naver Cloud Taking Global Leap Forward

NAVER Cloud to introduce technology and strategy at Cloud Expo Asia Singapore 2022, October 12–13

  • Company to lead development of global cloud ecosystem through MOUs and partnerships with Southeast Asian partners such as startup incubators

NAVER Cloud is participating in Cloud Expo Asia 2022 from October 12-13 at Marina Bay Sands Expo Convention Centre in Singapore. As NAVER Cloud’s first overseas exhibition, Cloud Expo Asia, the biggest event of its kind in Southeast Asia, will provide further opportunity for the company’s global expansion.

Using the Expo as a springboard, NAVER Cloud will expand its network through partnerships with Southeast Asian startups. The company will sign MOUs with Singapore’s largest startup association Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) and Intel to expand its presence in the Asia Pacific region. NAVER Cloud is also finalizing a partnership with the Singapore Games Association (SGGA) to spur the growth of gaming startups in Southeast Asia.

NAVER Cloud’s exhibit, ‘Break Through with NAVER Cloud,’ will focus on technologies offered by NAVER Cloud and NAVER, South Korea’s leading search engine and online platform. In the CLOVA AI Experience Zone, officials from various overseas industries including cloud, IT, finance, government and public institutions, will have the opportunity to learn how NAVER Cloud technology can enhance their services and products. NAVER LABS’ multi-robot intelligence system ARC (Artificial Intelligence, Robot, Cloud) and other technologies developed by TEAM NAVER will also be showcased, as will cloud security technologies and NAVER’s collaboration tool, NAVER WORKS.

In addition to demonstrating its technological prowess, the company will share with Cloud Expo Asia attendees its brand values based on use cases that have built trust with clients and resulted in mutual growth. To this end, NAVER Cloud will introduce Greenhouse Benefit, a win-win system for building a cloud-based virtuous cycle ecosystem that provides various educational and technical consulting benefits, such as cloud infrastructure support essential for the growth of startups.

At the expo Ahn Hong-seok, director of NAVER Cloud’s Southeast Asia business development, will deliver a presentation ‘Pragmatic Approach to 5 Key Trends in Cloud’ on the Digital Transformation Stage. Oh Byung-hoon, General Manager of WEMADEMAX, a NAVER Cloud client, will also present under the theme, ‘Cloud for Global Game Services.’

“NAVER Cloud’s mission is to build a cloud-based virtuous cycle ecosystem and pursue business success in places closest to our customers,” said Park Weon-gi, CEO of NAVER Cloud. “We’re actively targeting the global market by establishing a strong IT ecosystem not only in Korea but also in foreign markets and developing unique solutions for every country and customer.”