Avanade Brings Digital Innovation and Industry Expertise to Help Clients

Combining data, green software and Microsoft’s Cloud for Sustainability will make a  genuine human impact for businesses and the planet

Avanade, the leading Microsoft solutions provider, is bringing its  unique insights and expertise to help organisations solve their toughest sustainability challenges with  new solutions focused on enabling clients to harness the full potential of Microsoft’s Cloud for  Sustainability. 

With Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) hot on the business leadership agenda, finding  sustainable business models that combat climate change without compromising business growth is  high priority in many boardrooms.  

Two new solutions developed by Avanade and based on Microsoft’s Cloud for Sustainability which  combine data, green software and the power of the cloud, will enable clients to make a meaningful impact on their sustainability goals and see results in as little as a month. 

Avanade Sustainability Technology Accelerator will harness Avanade’s rich cloud and data  technology expertise enabling organisations to integrate existing data sources and start using the  Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to report on emissions and carbon impacts within weeks. 

Avanade Sustainability Quick-Start will enable organisations to combine their people, business, and technology to rapidly prioritise practical actions and test and scale new innovations based on  insights generated from the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.  

“Smarter sustainability actions depend on digital,” said Jillian Moore, Global Advisory and  Executive Sustainability Lead, Avanade. “Through the power of Microsoft and people, Avanade’s  new services will help clients use data to report emissions reductions and digital technologies to turn  ambitious sustainability goals into practical actions.” Bhavya Kapoor, Southeast Asia Managing Director, Avanade, said: “Enterprises need to recognise that now is the most opportune time to make that giant leap towards sustainability. Not only has the  global disruption given enterprises the chance to reflect on their business models and the momentum  to transform themselves, but the burgeoning green economy is also presenting organisations with  new and immense growth opportunities. By tapping on digital technology and innovation,  organisations can participate in the future economy in a more sustainable and responsible manner – while making a positive impact on our environment.”

Avanade is actively partnering with organisations to accelerate activity to achieve their ESG goals by  moving to green cloud and software to consume fewer resources and innovating safer and more  sustainable business models with AI and the Internet of Things. One example is Wood, a global  consulting and engineering company, which is exploring new ways to harness digital innovation and  the power of data to drive efficiency, performance and become more sustainable. 

Ann Rosenberg, Senior Vice President for Sustainability Solutions at Wood said, “Our driving purpose  at Wood is to unlock solutions to the world’s most critical challenges and climate change certainly fits  that description. We share Avanade’s commitment to bringing together digital technologies and  diversity of thought to innovate new ways to address this challenge. Its deep digital expertise will help  leaders take advantage of the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to prioritise climate-positive actions  and progress their sustainability journeys transparently and ethically.” 

As a global Microsoft sustainability partner and steering committee member of the Green Software  Foundation, Avanade brings specialist expertise to help organisations use digital to rethink  sustainability and drive business value from the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability. 

Elisabeth Brinton, Corporate Vice President, Sustainability at Microsoft said, “Microsoft believes that,  just like every company currently has a financial system of record that sits at the core of their  organisation, there needs to be a sustainability system of record. Avanade’s new services for the  Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability will help organisations use technology to run the execution of their  sustainability commitments and reduce emissions faster.”