Singapore’s Ensign InfoSecurity Steps Up APAC Expansion

Singapore-homegrown cybersecurity services provider Ensign InfoSecurity sees international expansion in the region’s top digital economies as a key part of its growth strategy.

  • Through its Indonesia office, Ensign is better positioned to transfer cyber knowledge and technology capabilities to serve existing customers such as Gojek and Bukalapak. It also looks to contribute to the cyber defence of Indonesia’s digital economy. 
  • Globally Ensign works with over 700 enterprises and government enterprises. Its Indonesia office follows successful office openings in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Ensign InfoSecurity (Ensign), Asia’s largest pure-play end-to-end and homegrown cybersecurity services provider, announced another milestone in its Asia Pacific expansion plan with the setup of a new office, PT Ensign InfoSecurity Indonesia in Jakarta.  

The move is part of the company’s strategy to grow its presence globally. Since the firm’s  formation in 2018, Ensign has expanded rapidly and currently has offices and operations across Asia Pacific and Europe, serving over 700 companies and government organisations.  

PT Ensign InfoSecurity Indonesia (PT Ensign) will provide a full suite of solutions for clients in Indonesia. These include cybersecurity advisory and assurance services, architecture  design, systems integration services, and managed security services for advanced threat  detection, threat hunting, and incident response.  

In light of Indonesia’s growing digital economy, cybersecurity will become increasingly critical  to ensuring trusted and secure use of digital services. Further, early investments in adequate cyber security will become an important differentiator for enterprises as they build trust with customers who seek out products and services that are cyber secure.  

An experienced veteran in the IT and cybersecurity sector in Indonesia, Mr Audy Antow,  Director of Revenue and Business Growth of the new setup said, “PT Ensign’s end-to-end security approach ensures Indonesian companies can access key expertise for all their needs in a single, global firm with the expertise to deliver for clients in multiple sectors”.  

Mr. Charles Ng, Executive Vice President, International Business, Ensign InfoSecurity, said, “Ensign has been providing the best-of-breed cybersecurity services to Indonesian clients for  some years now. Setting up this office reflects our commitment to the country as we sense that Indonesian firms are increasingly looking for trusted partners with deep expertise who can scale with them in the long term. Our aim is exactly that – to be the long-term, trusted partner of Indonesian customers.”  

Furthermore, PT Ensign will also leverage the company’s deep research into emerging  technologies and threats to augment its solutions and elevate Indonesia’s cyber defence capabilities. For example, PT Ensign is tapping on Ensign’s AI-Powered Cyber Analytics technologies powered by patented algorithms and novel approaches. This allows PT Ensign to address its clients’ unique security challenges and enable them to adopt a more proactive, predictive security posture to stay ahead of threat actors. The technologies give PT Ensign the ability to proactively detect and contain advanced and emerging threats in real-time and  reduce alert fatigue.  

“International growth is a critical part of our strategy. Over the past few years, we have not  only grown exponentially in size and reach, but we are also investing significantly in R&D and in our global talent pool. This has allowed us to provide our clients with bespoke capabilities in protection, detection, and response. As Ensign brings its cybersecurity capabilities and  experience into Indonesia, the company hopes to be able to transfer cyber knowledge and  technology through this setup to strengthen the local capabilities to serve our Indonesian  clients”, said Ms Tammie Tham, Group Chief Executive Officer, Ensign InfoSecurity. 

“We welcome Ensign’s commitment to establishing its presence in Indonesia. Ensign has  become a trusted partner for us. We are confident Ensign will be able to harness its unique  and extensive experience to create more value for GoTo group and the region overall”, said Mr. George Do, Chief Information Security Officer, PT Gojek, Indonesia.  

“We are delighted to have Ensign on our home ground. Ensign has been one of our key  partners, helping us provide secure services to our customer base. We look forward to  strengthening our partnership as we continue to expand our digital initiatives”, said Mr. Yogesh Madaan, Head Information & Cyber Security, PT, Tbk., Indonesia.  

Ensign InfoSecurity is ranked 6th in a worldwide survey of MSSPs (Managed Security  Services Providers). The MSSP Alert Top 250 MSSPs list and research, identify and honour the top MSSPs worldwide by tracking the MSSP’s market’s ongoing growth and evolution. The company will be demonstrating its end-to-end services at GovWare 2022 this 18 to 20 October, with simulations to showcase how enterprises and government institutions can have visibility of cyber threats round the clock, and intelligent insights to support mission critical decision making. GovWare 2022 is held in conjunction with Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW), Asia-Pacific’s most established cybersecurity event, with global policy makers, industry leaders and top academia from across the world to exchange best practices and strengthen international cooperation.