Qlik Introduces OpenAI Connectors, Empowering Generative AI in Qlik Analytics

New Connectors Expand Qlik’s AI, Machine Learning and NLP Capabilities, Augmenting Cloud Analytics and Application Automation Efforts with Rich Third-Party Content

Qlik has announced the launch of OpenAI connectors designed to facilitate the integration of Generative AI content into their platform, enabling seamless and secure access to cloud analytics and automation functionalities. These connectors, which expand Qlik’s existing AI, ML, and NLP capabilities, bring the power of Generative AI directly into Qlik, enhancing data insights and applications with rich contextual content through a ChatGPT experience.

According to James Fisher, Qlik’s Chief Strategy Officer, Generative AI presents a transformative opportunity for customers to enhance their analysis and processes with relevant external data. The new OpenAI connectors build upon Qlik’s history of providing AI, ML, and NLP capabilities within their platform, representing the first step in a broader strategy to support organizations in leveraging Generative AI across their data and analytics capabilities.

Qlik recently demonstrated the potential of combining Generative AI and Qlik at QlikWorld, showcasing how it can complement various use cases by incorporating external datasets, expanding context through natural language readouts, and generating new insights from data.

Dan Vesset, group VP of data and analytics research at IDC, emphasized that organizations are actively exploring Generative AI in areas such as data analytics, decision support, and automation. Qlik’s OpenAI connectors offer tools to augment the work of analysts and developers while enabling the establishment of necessary controls and governance for leveraging this technology effectively.

The availability of Qlik’s OpenAI connectors marks the beginning of a planned series of services and solutions aimed at harnessing Generative AI’s potential through Qlik’s open platform approach. The suite of OpenAI connectors includes the Qlik OpenAI Analytics Connector, which provides real-time access to generative content within Qlik Sense apps, and the Qlik OpenAI Connector for Application Automation, which helps developers enhance their workflows with AI-generated content for various use cases.

Qlik’s initiative reflects their commitment to empowering customers and partners to innovate and derive greater value from their data using Generative AI. To learn more about Qlik’s AI capabilities, visit their AI & Machine Learning Capabilities page.