ExtraHop Named Leader in Forrester Wave™: Network Analysis And Visibility

Discover how ExtraHop’s comprehensive features and superior vision empower enterprises to detect and respond to threats efficiently, ensuring 360-degree visibility and situational intelligence.

ExtraHop, a renowned network detection and response (NDR) company, has been recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Network Analysis And Visibility, Q2 2023, according to an announcement made today. This recognition by Forrester Research, Inc., highlights ExtraHop’s dominance in the market, attributing it to the company’s extensive range of enterprise features and capabilities.

Forrester’s evaluation of ExtraHop involved a comprehensive assessment of 29 criteria, where ExtraHop achieved the highest possible score in an impressive 20 of them. The criteria encompassed various aspects of ExtraHop’s offerings, including threat detection, detection integrations, framework mapping, encrypted traffic analysis, response capabilities, cloud support, and more.

In the report, Forrester lauds ExtraHop’s superior vision, emphasizing its ability to expose network assets without introducing additional burdens or noise for security operations center (SOC) analysts. This approach allows for streamlined workflows and empowers SOC teams to focus on identifying and responding to genuine threats promptly.

ExtraHop’s NDR platform, Reveal(x) 360, leverages the company’s extensive background in network performance monitoring to deliver 360-degree visibility and situational intelligence. By providing real-time detection of anomalous and suspicious activities within the network, Reveal(x) 360 enables organizations to respond swiftly and confidently. The platform also automates investigations, reducing the time and effort required for analysis and enabling immediate action.

Jesse Rothstein, co-founder and CTO of ExtraHop, expressed gratitude for the trust and relationships built with customers, attributing the company’s success to these factors. Rothstein, with years of experience in network security, acknowledged the rapid evolution of threats and the role the network plays in uncovering the truth. He highlighted ExtraHop’s commitment to leading innovation in the NDR market and safeguarding enterprises in the face of an ever-changing threat landscape. Notably, ExtraHop’s recent offerings include intrusion detection and visibility into employee usage of generative AI tools.

Forrester’s recognition of ExtraHop in the Forrester Wave: Network Analysis and Visibility, Q2 2023, follows the company’s previous acknowledgment as a representative vendor in the Forrester Network Analysis and Visibility Landscape, Q1 2023. This latest recognition further solidifies ExtraHop’s position as a leading provider of NDR solutions in the industry.

As threats continue to evolve and enterprises face increasing challenges in network security, ExtraHop remains at the forefront of innovation, dedicated to helping organizations navigate the dynamic landscape and protect their critical assets.