Revolutionizing Vehicle Data Monitoring

Discover how Cloudera’s partnership with SAIC Volkswagen is transforming vehicle data monitoring and advancing the future of intelligent connected vehicles

Cloudera, a leading data company specializing in trusted enterprise AI, recently announced its collaboration with SAIC Volkswagen (SVW) in the development of a vehicle data monitoring platform. This platform was created to meet regulatory requirements for collecting and overseeing smart vehicle data within SVW’s Internet of Vehicles (IoV) business segment. As a result of deploying the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) for vehicle data monitoring, SVW has experienced significant enhancements in the performance of core batch operations. Additionally, this deployment has led to cost reduction and increased operational efficiency, resulting in a remarkable 67% reduction in storage space utilization. This optimization not only enhances vehicle monitoring efficiency but also streamlines the management of vehicle data.

In recent years, the rapid growth of new energy vehicles (NEVs) has led to a surge in the volume and complexity of vehicle monitoring data. Simultaneously, government authorities have emphasized the need for improved monitoring and sharing of data related to new energy vehicles. This has necessitated enhanced computing power, storage, data transmission, and data application capabilities for vehicle enterprises.

In response to this landscape, the SVW Big Data Platform team embarked on the development of a new vehicle data monitoring platform based on big data technology in 2017, aimed at supporting the key business development of new energy vehicles. In 2022, SVW further optimized its data platform by migrating to CDP. This optimization resulted in a remarkable reduction of approximately 73 terabytes in HBase storage space, saving 67% of space utilization. Additionally, the total cluster file count was reduced by approximately 80 million, optimizing the original file count by about 75%. Notably, these improvements extended to cardio reporting and batch operations, with batch job performance increasing on average by 2.5 times and up to 6.6 times. These performance upgrades ensure that SVW’s vehicle monitoring data can be comprehensively stored and analyzed in accordance with national vehicle data management laws and regulations. Moreover, leveraging this data platform, SVW has introduced the SAIC Motor application, which offers intelligent automobile services to customers, including real-time vehicle status checks and intelligent navigation services. The platform has garnered an impressive user base of 6 million users within just two years of its launch.

Xie Cong, Head of Big Data Platform at SVW Database, commented, “SVW began implementing Cloudera’s CDH in 2017 and established a data lake in 2018. In 2022, SVW successfully upgraded its data platform to CDP in just six months, positioning itself as one of the pioneering companies within the domestic automotive industry to do so. The vehicle data monitoring platform we’ve developed effortlessly handles massive data storage and facilitates thorough vehicle data monitoring and analysis. This data will further enhance our ability to serve vehicle owners and support the ongoing growth of our IoV business. As a mature Big Data platform, CDP has effectively assisted us in tackling the challenges associated with storing, managing, and computing ever-expanding real-time data. We plan to collaborate with Cloudera to address issues such as storage-computing separation and the varying growth rates of computing and storage, ensuring the optimal performance-resource balance in response to changing workloads.”

Wang Gang, Vice President of Cloudera Greater China, stated, “In a time when the IoV market is rapidly evolving, significant attention is focused on data monitoring and management within the intelligent vehicles sector, both from government authorities and the industry itself. The effective storage, management, and insights derived from Big Data are critical for the growth of automotive companies. The data platform developed by Cloudera for SVW has proven its effectiveness in optimizing data storage and batch job performance across the board, providing a solid foundation for the accelerated development of the IoV ecosystem. We remain committed to supporting SVW and facilitating the data-driven advancement of new energy vehicles and IoV.”

Looking ahead, SVW is set to expand its adoption of additional CDP features and leverage the advantages of a data lakehouse infrastructure to further enhance its data monitoring platform. This will establish a robust data-driven foundation to continue driving innovation in intelligent connected vehicle services.

The partnership between Cloudera and SAIC Volkswagen (SVW) stands as a shining example of how innovative data solutions can revolutionize the automotive industry. By leveraging Cloudera’s advanced technology and expertise, SVW has not only met regulatory requirements but also paved the way for the future of intelligent connected vehicles. The impressive performance improvements, cost savings, and enhanced efficiency achieved through the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) have set a high standard for the industry. As SVW continues to evolve its data monitoring platform and embrace new features, it reaffirms its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to vehicle owners and driving the growth of the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) ecosystem. In a rapidly changing landscape, this collaboration underscores the critical role of data in shaping the future of the automotive world, where innovation and excellence are paramount